Value of Earth Human Life

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Sun Nov 1 10:16:55 PST 2015

On Sun, Nov 1, 2015 at 4:25 AM, jim bell <jdb10987 at> wrote:
> over in just a few months, with the government(s) yelling, "We surrender!".

If you're out to address governments that is. Corporations can benefit
from such guidance too, however since they usually don't have Pinkerton
tribunals of their own, odds of successfull fulfillment of market
contracts increase by addressing govt impediments at same time.

> reward for $10,000 for any juror who votes to acquit, if that vote doesn't

Jury nullification, even one not guilty forces a new trial which is a big
risk and pain in the ass for prosecution.

Establishing contracts for people to just take the day off and plead
not guilty to get a real hearing and possible trial for their stupid $150
revenue traffic ticket. There's nothing to lose by doing so.
Right now the system is counting *entirely* on frictionless pleading
guilty and paying out via credit card. The potential impact of well
blogged reports of successes here is enormous.

Paying people to hand out pamphlets about same on court steps.

And that's just educational possibilities at no cost to them.
Once people see how the system works, and that they
can win as a collective, things start changing. It's about
getting the ball rolling and people up off their asses, little
bounties here and there.

> amount that had to be paid for a single death was $50,000, that would amount

Doesn't even have to be death, could be damage, raising costs,
a little taxing of resources and capabilities here and there, strategic
and tactical support to various efforts. The CIA does it, so can you.
Though like as you say, without altering power to tax, that
will provide only a temporary drop on their side.

> What is the economics of all this?  Consider that in 2014 a record 3 trillion dollars ... 1% ... to have it stopped, forever, that would amount to $30 billion. Does anybody seriously believe that ... would even try to survive such a blow?  Clearly not:  They would resign.

People don't yet comprehend their ability to and results from
steering lots of micro funds, even matching funds, into successful
actions and macro effects they want. You'd think they would have
learned that from the two examples of 1) Bin Laden, and 2) the
ensuing govt micro funded (taxed) response by now.

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