How to have your encrypted mail in two places at once

Mike Ingle mike at
Fri Mar 13 11:15:40 PDT 2015

Why not just write it if you want it? You don't need a team of 
developers, because all the hard stuff (crypto) has been done.

I was thinking of using a blockchain to claim addresses. Confidant Mail 
currently has the problem that anyone can claim any email address, and 
the sender must check the recipient's key ID or signature to make sure 
he's talking to the right person. Why not use a blockchain like 
distributed commit protocol to resolve which key owns what address? The 
original owner would put out the first claim, and then the address 
belongs to him until he signs it over to someone else, just like bitcoins.


On 3/13/2015 9:24 AM, Troy Benjegerdes wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 03, 2015 at 11:30:39AM +0100, rysiek wrote:
>> Dnia wtorek, 3 marca 2015 01:54:26 Mike Ingle pisze:
>>> IMAP and webmail makes it easy to access your mail on two or more
>>> machines, and have all your folders stay in sync. Encryption tends to
>>> break that: your inbox might work across machines, but your Sent Items
>>> and personal folders tend to be stuck on one machine.
>>> Confidant Mail 0.24 has a solution for that problem. You can have the
>>> same GPG key on two or more machines. Using a secure replication
>>> protocol, your sent items, read status of incoming mail, personal
>>> folders, and deletions are all automatically copied to the other
>>> machines. This provides an IMAP-like experience with encrypted mail.
>> Why not use different subkeys per-machine? Just remember to encrypt with all 
>> subkeys. Also, GPG-enabled webmail, am I reading it correctly?..
> I keep waiting for something interesting to happen that uses blockchains
> and their private keys for storing, encrypting, distributing, and monetizing
> messages.
> Unfortunately, I supposed the most likely way this would get funded is through
> a DARPA proposal, or some sort of government funding with the goal of 
> destabilizing other governments.

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