on money /2

brian carroll electromagnetize at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 10:14:40 PST 2015

(additional notes/thoughts on money & currency in relation to
material bank notes and electronic exchange of money & data,
as this further relates to profiling, tracking, surveillance, modeling,
though also culture, development, latent technological possibilities)

Here wanted to share a few more ideas related to the last post, if not
because they may be of a different than standard interpretation and
allow another viewpoint to consider in terms of what is/& not going on
in these terms. perhaps necessary to distinguish also situationally:
of the present situation, of a transitional condition of major changes
and paradigm shifts, and then a future totally redeveloped context that
may allow a more pure approach than relying on legacy systems of
dysfunction as the basis for further development, extended onward.

In the present day, it seems cryptocurrency is the placeholder or trial
for a future or transitional model of electronic currency that the state
(in its global context) could employ or deploy, wider than the existing
electronic payment and cash systems whether via welfare support (in
the US called EBT (electronic benefit transfer) for foodstamps and-or
cash support) or bank debit cards and credit cards, which range from
access to checking or savings accounts for card holders, to prepaid
cards that store value or represent stored value that can be mediated
via networked infrastructure as part of a payment system/structure.

If considering alternative paper currencies that can legally exist (at
least in the US within certain guidelines), it would not seemingly be
too far off to imagine a 'bitcoin card' that could function as a parallel
payment system carried in a wallet and used on or offline, if it were
to be established in a widely distributed alternative currency model
that exists offline, in a context of these other (if competing) systems.
In that it could involve its own ecosystem of exchange, and yet likely
would be required at some point to be brought into line with tax laws
in some structural way, (unsure of existing status, how these issues
remain suspended) though the larger point is that issues of security
and privacy would be similar in nature to these other similar systems,
in which a level of robustness and protection would be necessary for
massive use of such an alternative, if it were to become normalized.

(meaning: trusting good will of Satoshi would not be enough for this.)

And maybe this is the informal versus formalization aspect involved,
the difference between an experiment and a seemingly steady-state
system that would provide a parallel monetary system or alt.currency.

The difference here also being, in terms of state monetary resources
and those of the federal banking system, as it relates to 'money' that
is represented on these cards, then maps back to fiat currency and-
or bank-notes, which is represented by symbolic 'monetary bits' that
are numbers equated with a universally accessible exchangeable value
(exchange rate if outside the system or converting USD currency, if
paper or electronic currency, else inflationary/deflationary sliding-scale
of value, locally, on the longer-term, month-to-month, year-to-year as
things change, dynamics and relations mapped to price fluctuations.)

In that, specifically, the dollar amount on these electronic cards of the
formal system can be traded for paper currency or cash and when they
exist as numbers representing money in an electronic system or as an
electronic monetary value (or sign or representation) this is a coherent
structural relationship between the numbers represented and this larger
ubiquitous fielded monetary system and its currency, paper or electronic.
The electronic money on the bank card is tied to existing paper currency
(though apparently 'electronic money' of banks is not, and appears to be
detached from the world and function as 'monetary information' as money,
which appears to be the foundation for financialization, monetary engineering
in which new monetary value can be created ex nihilo via various calculations
and esoteric calculus, if not disembodied from the world in an abstract and
separated realm, not just beyond the gold standard of the past, though also
beyond the standard of 'trust' that is the basis for establishing money itself
in terms of shared exchange, where something recognized the same can
be made transferable. It that it seems to be "theoretical money" involved in
some way, at least from a naive outside viewpoint - and here is where the
'bitcoin approach' seems quite similar to what is going on internally, within
the state and within banks and financing sectors, it all rests upon issues
of trust at the base of the system, and thus what if monetary exchanges
and the currency becomes ungrounded via such calculative acrobatics, as
with the nature of theoretical physics of a wrong cosmology, unchecked.)

This is to imagine that perhaps the actual situation of formal systems of
money today are very much like the intangibility of other start-up electronic
currencies, it just so happens one of these is a de facto global standard and
seemingly regulated at least externally at the level of citizenry and
And yet simultaneously appears to be 'highly virtual' as money, where it exists
increasingly as bits or virtual currency, where money is data or
'information', in
that a simple display of numbers with a dollar sign ($10) in a certain
context is
a legal guarantee of such funds and allows them to be exchanged or transfered
in an electronic context, as well as offline. Thus for instance, e-commerce as a
surrounding environment, where online development occurs and is tied back into
the offline world, where the virtual meets the artificial and nature
realms outside
of the infrastructure. In this way, the bank note with RFID is partly
tied into this
accounting system and its various dimensions and dynamics, and moreso the
bank card and credit card, which then carry 'information' about money, or have
access to this money, and can mediate exchanges in various scenarios (such
as over the telephone, online, at a cash register POS machine, or an ATM). In
this way, there is a grounding of what appears to be money, its representation
as data, and its actualization as a shared system everyone operates within to
varying degrees, as this becomes the great leveler in relation to other issues,
how they connect, relate, function or malfunction or short-circuit or
fail to exist
or be modeled in these terms, which range from beneficial to malicious & cruel.

The strange thing is, this money system has become so detached from its
core issue of common trust, so ungrounded in terms of what is "represented"
by the currency, which is an agreed upon connection between people of a
shared state or condition to mediate events in these terms, that instead of
this monetary system serving -everyone-, instead it has become onesided and
an entropic like migration occurs via a structural imbalance that moves money
from one sector of society into another, which then correlates with power based
on this money, and the money has less value in certain contexts and more value
in other areas (peoples, business sectors) given the way these dynamics can be
mediated and subverted, against the other side of a supposedly shared exchange.

In that bad faith can become the standard basis for exchange, which leads to
unshared exchange, someone pays for something they do not receive, or that
their work is not acurately mapped into the income level while for others it is
exponentially inflated, and these dynamics are not agreed upon and instead are
the work of politics and class differentiation and discrimination and
otherwise. So
there is not a level relation occurring in the basic dynamics of
exchange, which is
supposedly based on a shared assumption of value, that today is now

For previous generations the shared value or recognizable common truth that is
at the core of fair exchange then mapped to gold or other storable
value that was
not just of a rare and prized metal - it was also philosophical in
meaning, in terms
of ideas (and cosmology) as this relates to alchemy and core religious meaning.
In that 'the sun' maps into this gold standard, as does 'the one' of a
shared view
and understanding. As this progressed to a more abstract less worldly form of
guarantee, it seems to have relied upon the state itself as this basis
for trust in
a common view for exchange, that citizens had other citizens in their own best
interest and would seek to swindle one another to gain money because their own
trust would be impinged and force censure or other forms of reprisal
for corrupted
actions in these communal terms. Somehow even this 'shared state' or condition
has evaporated, which seems to coincide with the rise of untethered theorization
of society, which in its best aspects is like poetric philosophy, and
in its worst, a
false ungrounded doctrine that is the basis for a deception and false
and worldview, the basis for establishing and sustaining a collective

The basis for a collective beneficial exchange between people seems to have
potentially begun or been established in a bounded aristocratic framework that
served interests of a shared empirical set (powerful interconnected males/ else
the public and private patriarchal 'son/sun' as a shared identity and
basis for the
collective reasoning and representation of
as this then literally mapped to valuable metals (gold as the basis
for currency)
and issues of wealth and prestige and in some sense, the height of this culture.

What appears to have occurred since its material and tangible detachment is that
money and currency appear to be more and more just about information and the
dollar sign ($) as a guarantee of a certain institutionalized value, a
symbolic mark
that is essentially capable of representing an arbitrary custom-bank
note value, to
the decimal point, into a realm of pennies if not beneath this once
limiting threshold
due to its functioning in an abstract realm of numbers and
calculations, primarily.

So long as the state is cohesive, such a federal system and
international order of
shared currency seemingly could continue functioning as the common standard,
as if there is some 'shared truth' underneath it all, a common
viewpoint and value
or *trust* that is held in common between people. And yet, if the
state itself were
to fracture internally, and citizen is held against citizen in a
competing realm of
survival of the fittest, the monetary system could be undermined, and the value
represented by money and held underneath this global system could evaporate,
if the exchanges became structurally unfair, yet guaranteed by this same money.
For instance paying for an online good and then being sent a broken item and not
being able to return it or have legal recourse for the swindle,
ripoff, or predatory
business practices as this is institutionalized and made normal in the
day to day.

This then transforms the realm of money, where banks and institutions
and the state
itself can represent such hostile forces functioning against
populations, the citizenry,
in a lopsided system of exchange, which then funnels value (and work,
out of certain sectors and into others, via entropic loss of value or
devaluing and the
artificaial or rigged increase of value in other areas as if a natural
balancing and yet
it is instead engineered this way, as a form of political and
fictionalized subversion,
again to support a certain limited group and their interests at the
cost of the many.

The same money in a poor person's hands and a rich person's are of
different value.
The poor person can pay exorbitant rates comparable to their income
for items that
have no impact on the rich person because they have vast surplus money
and it has
essentially no effect or impact on their livelihood. The poor person
can be ripped off
by exchange and has no representation or recourse, while the rich
person can rip off
people and be legally protected in doing so, because of having this
"communal" money.
And yet exist only to serve themselves (as the one, the sun, the
symbolic son, when in
a context of heavenly patriarchy whether secularized or not, god the
empirical father, &c.)
Thus identity and ego and religious-like belief in self worth and
others lesser worth and
moral inferiority can be mapped to these monetary dynamics, which then
define relations
and this is how people are also institutionally mediated, and
'representation' occurs within
the state and government. Numbers and accounting for things the basis
for communication
about a fictitious, highly warped, onesided privileged censorial
vantage of the status quo.

The point being that 'truth' that should be at the center of this
modeling of money is not
there, and instead it is based on an ungrounded and unshared belief
that is the basis for
'exchange' which has since collapsed and exists in a corrupted or
fallen realm, this then
directly connected to issues of the US Constitution that established
these dynamics, in
that they began and persist in a structural context of _private-man
and private mankind,
given all the power in society to that subset group that can act in
its own self-interest
without consideration of others, with legal backing  and supported by
state violence. In
that "the enlightenment" viewpoint was limited, bounded to private
man's beliefs and
'his truth' which should be easy to recognize today as subjective when
universalized to
everyone viewpoint which it cannot represent, if only in terms of
varying demographics,
though also, which makes mankind the basis for community, a private
category that is
then an enclave for 'the public' only insofar as it benefits the
privileged in that specific
class and categorization, whereby maximal advantages are provided to
this 'reasoning'
and viewpoint, and maximally represented  structurally, including as
the basis for the
shared exchange and trust and truth involved in money. Not like a
private man's views
of the world could be wrong or faulty, especially if they believe they
are actually God.

So it quickly moves into tyranny the moreso the issues are ungrounded
and unchecked,
as this correlates with 'trust me' in terms of exchange and money,
where one citizen is
then disadvantaged in an exchange that advantages another citizen, and
thus flows of
money migrate towards privileged groups who benefit and exploit and
believe in these
dynamics, if not as a reinforcement of a narrowed belief system, of
their own superiority.
This in terms of 'private man' as superman, as it relates to ego and
action in the world,
including over others, as if this is a moral victory of those fit over
those deemed unfit.

And the thing is, money today is completely mapped to that ideological
that is the basis for the existing value of money today, as over
centuries it has become
detached from a human and equitable viewpoint and serves only some of
the population
at the expense of others, as this relates to work, to development, to
reasoning, and how
censorship and legal and political and police and other dynamics
protect the worldview,
enabling the house of cards to remain standing, where 'untruth' or
falsity is at the center
of the currency that is being exchanged, traded, and mediates 'human
relations' in terms
of private mankind, set against other men and in particular women and
human beings in
their public and private dimensions. What man needs to survive and
conquer others in
this system then maps to the id of surveillance, the police state
regime, and accounting
for other data in these same warped, onesided, and self-benefiting
terms to those views.

So imagine if the monetary system is believed by the hotshots to back
their narcissistic
and egotistic views and self-belief as if they are the gold standard
for everything else that
is occurring, the foundation and structure and manifest cosmic forces,
as if pseudo-truth
or ungrounded theoretical beliefs are unerring as binary ideological
projections, and these
"the observers" infallible in their superior viewpoints and awareness
others unfit and lesser
cannot understand, as this maps to their feelings and self-worth,
except that if untrue and
unreal this condition would be instead the centralization of
everything in opposite terms,
where instead of gold these people are lead, and economics and
politics and society are
being mediated in such frameworks instead, as if highest nature
instead of lowest nature,
and that it is a vast illusion and delusion and essentially
institutionalization of madness
that then is mediated in terms of power and brute force to conform
other dissenting views,
including keeping truth outside the false framework and effectively
religious belief system,
except that the gods enshrined are these men and those connected with
their despotism.

This is what is mediated by the US dollar as paper currency, believed
to be gold in its
symbolic value, when instead organizing everything in terms of these
principles of lead.
The more this value system is informationalized, made symbolic and
calculable as data,
the more power is accrued within this corrupt system, to further
enforce such corruption.
In this way, the creation of new money out of nothing, either as
information or though the
exploitation of information (as currency, and via its monetization)
carries with it a power
structure and social terms that rely upon expropriation of human worth
and value, and of
various other values and principles, including of females, women, and
nature itself, if not
beings in general and life, which then is subjugated and forced into
these antihuman and
antilife and antinature hidden terms and conditions, beyond any checks
and balances as
this is legally backed by the corrupt bug-ridden US Constitution that
allows for all of this.

So it is all okay, then, because a bunch of rich patriarchs hundreds
of years ago are held
to be infallible as founding fathers.... except not. They themselves
provisioned that this is
a trap, and needs to be revised, upon future awareness and higher
reasoning and truth yet
'reason itself' broke down via binary viewpoints and has since shut
down other perspectives
to a monologue of rightness based upon bureaucratized power run by
centralized computer.
In this way the god as state, except it is a non-living entity,
dumb-AI, in service to a subset
that has no qualms about enslaving and exploiting others for power,
profit, and their pleasure.
So everyone can suffer as long as it benefits them, and what does not
benefit them must not
be allowed to exist, else the entire system is delegitimated. The
state thus made tyrannical.
And not just locally, this occurring globally, institutionally,
organizationally, via policies that
are effectively operating beyond reason, and with illiterate
populations unable to reason due
to such devolutionary policies and frameworks and continuing and
ongoing development, as
antihuman culture. In this way the state is in service to private
corporations of rich citizenry,
where police, lawyers, and doctors mediate middle and lower class
citizenry and the poor.
The government itself in its representation is hollowed out and
instead it is mediated in terms
of monetary worth as a determiner of exchange and citizen value,
proportionally, such that
lawyers are the representatives of the citizenry with the state, not
those elected for policy,
and their decisions are on behalf of power, who has or will gain more
money, in effect, as a
basis for who is right or what truth supports the more powerful in a
given scenario. It is just
extremely ugly and ungodly, where shared governance of citizenry then
becomes unshared
and mediated by politics of policing, medicine, and legal rights, to
onesided privileged benefit
most often correlated to power as the shared and higher authority, and
not of cosmic truth.

So there is an enlightenment/anti-enlightenment situation involved, of
a grounded perspective
that can be shared by citizenry and an ungrounded (also increasingly
virtual or reliant on this)
belief of a subset that functions as and believes itself superior, the
authority, the ruling class,
though of course in hidden or cryptic terms. In this way, an invasion
of the US by an incoming
hostile population sent to conquer territory can replace the citizenry
and operate within these
self-beneficial conditions, while those on their own home territory
can become disenfranchised
and destitute via these polarized dynamics. If anything, it is most
apparent in the luxurification
of the middle-class lifestyle and easy money for certain groups of
people (sans cultural insight
and instead, new forms of factory labor though in terms of web skills,
art galleries, etc) where
'new royalty' appear out of nowhere, and have upper-middle-class
lifestyles sustained within
such a bubble, of no financial issues whatsoever, able to eat out
every meal with incomes at
jobs that do not support such expenditures, with butler and coceirge
service via mobile Apps,
the very industry most supporting this skewed worldview, and yet on
the inside of this there is
no higher understanding or truth that is the ancient connection with
grounded royal hierarchy,
of its spiritual dimension, and instead there is nothing there except
base materialism at play.
Again, lead instead of gold, as this then represents 'the masses' and
self-beneficial collective
decision-making of a particular self-interested private group or
subset, siphoning away the
commons for such unchecked excess, that also directly correlates with
ego and immorality,
and that anything goes via relativistic beliefs, and others are lesser
beings to be exterminated.

In this way, if you try to function as a human being within such an
upside-down world in its
ideological operation, lines of force exist to punish and force
conformance and submission
to the private collective diktat that is actually based in falsity and
ungrounded information
and unshared value at its center, mediated and represented and
symbolized by money. A
person may only function at one percent of their actual capacity, and
may simply struggle
to survive or adapt and remain sane or cognizant within such an
antihuman condition, thus
weathering the onslaught or downfall or fall the historic state
itself, while imposters may be
operating at 100% of their capacity as mimics or drones to perform
symbolically in roles &
routines, standing-in as 'representatives' or citizens though while
against human citizenry,
hostile to human being and principles of life, love, privacy, freedom,
truth, democracy, etc.
In this way, the fractional ability of human action then is combined
and parts so divided in
a non-empirical framework of the false perspective, of relativistic
religious-like beliefs, then
cannot combine into a whole viewpoint and thus the unshared view moves
further towards
zero the more that human citizens combined cannot relate in literate
and complex terms,
leading to hypothetical 0.000000000001 percent operational capacity of
human agency in
the world, versus 100% for the antihuman forces secured within fallen
state bureaucracy,
which then becomes the overseer and judge/jury/executioner based on
evaluated fitness,
though outside legal frameworks and inside these other realms of
exchange and relation.

Human efficiency, aptitude and agency per individual nearly negligible
in the world today,
whereas the entirety of humanity is serving these other interests to
its own demise. In
that everything is moving to that subset group, all advantages, all
surplus, all rights, and
it is also the view in charge of the surveillance apparatus, the
overseer, or believed so. In
this way 'the great eye' at the top of the pyramid, yet which may have
issues of myopia,
or perhaps even be blind to certain dimensions, if not testing and
grounding vision to truth
and instead correlating and focusing on an unreal, ungrounded view of
cosmic relation. In
that falsity may be what is aligned with, or bad ideas, or warped
beliefs, false perspective.

In this way the false economy, the faux society, lavender tatoos and
fleur-di-lille piercings
while such populations are shuttled to one location and other via
personal Uber chauffeurs.

In such a context then, "information" about people that is treated as
if forests for pioneers
to extract as a natural and free resource to make other things from,
exploit to the fullest
for self benefit regardless of connected ecology, to the point of
practices of deforestation
and ecological devastation. The business model apparently is: get or
be given stuff for
free, and then resell it at maximal cost and reap the rewards. Best
practice is having the
people exploited pay or volunteer for this expropriation of private
value (of data, other) and
then mine or otherwise subvert interactions to again maximally extract
value whether in
legal or illegal terms, as this relates to privacy, citizen rights,
and issues of property that
can be disregarded in such a hidden and advantageous, unregulated
'morally free market';
humans like nature exist to be exploited by others who are unlike, for
their own advantage.
This then closely aligned with issues of slavery and colonization,
though in the form of
subverted consumer electronics and apps as the new wave of antihuman
and yet this is not made explicit due to protected interests, signed
pieces of paper that
armies of lawyers, the police, the state itself protect to allow for
this 'commons' relation.

So this is what money is in the middle of, these are the dynamics, and
what it could or
once represented was a common shared value that no longer exists between people,
who are now in oppositional terms as citizens, of two separate and
competing states,
one functioning against its declared governing principles by
exploiting legal loopholes
as a basis for establishing power and overtaking the state as its
tyrannical antithesis.

The only piece of code able to address and engage this situation
allowing for military
takeover in a state of emergency, and a constitution convention to
reboot the state in
new and better terms, as agreed to by those convening in a new
universal framework.
This could be antihuman, and lead to the loss of the state itself, or
human and the
regaining of the state and its rewiring and redevelopment in terms of
our humanity.

Cryptography would probably be absolutely necessary to pursue such a
path and yet
it appears self-evident that crypto cannot be allowed to exist, that
would enable such
private communication that could threaten hidden and ruling
conspiratorial interests.
Thus all crypto must remain broken for the antihuman state to remain
safe & secure.

In this way, this is the immediate situation encountered with issues
of currency as
this spans from monetary systems to monetization of data and the
centralization of
auditing and accounting that functions as money, as currency, in terms
of power that
uses this to reinforce a certain biased or relativistic truth while
censoring out others
that may devalue ungrounded perspectives (on economics, other
evidence, data, etc).

So while trials of alternative currency may exist locally offline or
even globally online,
and systems of barter or various ecosystems of exchange/trade could be
it remains within this overwhelming and oppressive default condition,
which then is the
prevailing force that determines what can and will happen, via its
implementation and
the potential for its subversion, how it can be maximally exploited in
these same terms.

Thus suggestions about what to do, say to establish a national
cashless system, then
occurs in a context of previously mentioned biased structures of
taxation as well as
other forms of leveraging and imbalances, that then would be further
secured by the
uncritical or uncareful rollout of such options or advances, making it
all easier for
the exploiters and all the more difficult and painful for the
exploited, via unnecessarily
increased suffering that by comparison can be exponential, in support
of such tyranny.

So near-term there is immense danger at doing anything without first
recognizing the
actual condition, parameters, dynamics, and stakes that exist in the
questions and
issues of development, particularly so highly connected technological
systems that
create massive centralized efficiencies that disenfranchise more local
realities which
are never accounted for or censored out or managed away via planned
dysfunction. If
this condition were addressed in straightforward terms, it may be
possible to proceed
in a way that protects people and prevents such dynamics from
worsening, which can
involve state and regional governance and federal and international
changes in policy.

And so what presently exists in the span of electronically-tagged bank
notes, debit
and credit cards, stored valued and prepaid cards, is already
operating within this
domain, as are other forms of electronic payment and bartar, including
'rewards cards'
and 'points' or electronic tallied perks that span dollar value
currency to other forms,
which feasibly could be mediated by a single device or card system in
the future. In
this way, the up-and-coming Apple Watch could be the device most
likely to mediate
the depth and breadth of this situation, from taxation (hidden and
overt) to payments
(debit and credit to rewards cards to bitcoin exchange) and yet this
concentration is
also potentially a weak-spot for the individual and a maximal pressure
point for those
targeted in these dimensions, allowing more coherent control within a
single device
that could be used for exploitation, subversion, illegal monitoring,
and on and so on.

There would need to be a transitional scenario to address these
concerns within a
sufficient legal framework that protects citizens and establishes a
new set of rules,
for such integrated systems to operate in more bounded terms of expropriation of
data and details that can be used against and disenfranchise human populations.

Central to this would be a new infrastructure that allows for the
conceptual rewiring
of existing Internet of Things (IoT) ideology into a protected
framework that serves
and does not exploit common human interests for others to profit from
this tyranny.

The situation with money and currency is core to this. A new standard
is needed to
reestablish currency within a context and framework of truth, so rules
of fair exchange
are known and enforceable, establishing the shared
social,economic,governing structure.

It is likely the only way to accomplish this is through electronic
currency, whereby the
dynamics of the paper system are let go of, or released, and mediated
in other terms
more beneficial to economic principles than producing physical
placeholders for value
that devalue the monetary system itself. A penny more expensive to
produce than its
own value, (googled: "It costs the federal government 2.4 cents to
make a penny and
11.2 cents to make a nickel."). This is obviously backward and
counterproductive yet
insanely the normalized ungrounded situation, the default everyday
nonsense scenario.

To get to a new monetary system or at least electronic currency, there
is no way this
can be achieved without first addressing the relation between currency
and taxation,
which is one issue in a context of paper currency, and another in a
context of data as
both currency and representative of money itself (i.e. guaranteed
dollar sign amount).

The big view involves necessary to comprehend dynamics that today the tax system
and money both are frictional and function against economy, and this
directly connects
with data likewise that is limited by these forces in moving around or
circulating in terms
of its value, which can be monetized though also or more
fundamentally, its relation to
truth that can be accessible and achieved through reasoning, if made
To free up data in a context of public and private infrastructure will
require addressing
issues of its taxation to enable public subsidy of the IoT
infrastructure within a public
framework and dimensions, this comparable to the need for the US as a
nation when
established to develop a federal national parks system, state parks,
and greenways
(such as the beautiful Twin Cities, or Central Park in NYC by
Frederick Law Olmsted),
including areas for recreation, fishing, baseball, picnics, dances,
concerts, iceskating
and skiing, trails for hiking, nature preserves, etc. This reflected
shared public values
of the citizenry to participate and interact and stay connected with
nature as the basis
for values, which has since eroded and been commercialized, turned
into simulacrum,
as if everywhere is now a sector of an unacknowledged private Disney themepark.

A private corporation cannot represent or establish this shared public
realm without
distorting it to its narrowed business interests, involving a
different motivating agenda.
Instead, to create that public realm of data exchange would require
public subsidization
to allow for its development and sustenance, to enable exchange and
interconnection in
a wider realm of human interests and values, such as knowledge,
cultural development,
learning and education, policy and government planning and citizen
representation and
public-private collaboration mediated in the public sphere, not behind
closed doors, in
this way an agora for debate and discussion and commons, for culture
to exist within.

The insular, proprietarized introverted self-focused internet then
could be extroverted
and brought out of its shell and more fully integrate with peoples
lives in a balanced
way, including with issues of security and privacy (cryptography
related, if of integrity)
and yet to accomplish this 'data' itself would need to be addressed in
the same way
that paper currency and taxation likewise need to be, in that the
granulatiry or the
existing 'decimal' level resolution is completely insufficient to
mediate issues of fair
exchange and fair tax and shared value in these existing warped
structural dynamics
and a new higher resolution, micro- or fractional-value is needed in a
data context that
allows microtransactions and microdata (IoT) to exist instead of the
default issues of
audiovisual bandwidth for telecommuncations and big-pipe
infrastructure layouts that
functionally extort money to provide access, where scarcity is
establishing maximal
profit at the price of maximal friction for 'ideas' and 'reasoning' in
the form of data that
is either locked away or untransmissable due to red tape, barriers,
ownership laws
that turn something public into a private confined property that is
valued by limited
access yet is unjust in nature, and so on.  Everything backwards,
cannibalistic, to
profit by not allowing things to happen, by hoarding, preventing,
instead of freeing,
interacting, building, it is erosion of interaction, knowledge,
reasoning, ideas, etc.
It is the Dark Ages 2.0 when in an information society of maximal communication
shared truth has gone missing, empirical logical reasoning, instead
relativism is
ubiquitous, clueless to its own isolated individuated egoistic
narcissistic condition.
There is no knowledge within computing systems, within networking,
beyond that of
a highly biased tyrannical STEM framework that is the ruling
technocratic ideology,
that outside of its own parameters is completely ignorance and instead seeks to
engineer culture while representing it in a quantified worldview, as
if that simple. In
this way the issue of theology and religion without truth or morality
at the center,
and instead an ideological version of onesided pseudo-truth believed
universal and
the just and legitimate framework to legislate collective reality in
scientific terms.
In this way experimentation on human populations occurs, illegal
spying to gather
data for social engineering, and so to, denial of public services, for
such a goal and
ideal of the utopic state of an ungrounded subset that is beyond
external regulation,
existing on the inside of the hidden state, turning dials and pulling
levers of control.

If these dynamics could be dealt with, some vastly improved margin of safety and
realignment for the common human good and its welfare, then microtax and this
microdata could relate to microfinancing, and various currency systems could co-
exist in a shared framework. Such that the entrepreneurial imperative
of the citizen
could be realized in a sufficient framework necessary to realize its
potential, such
that telework and other visions could become standardized and resolved in terms
of the previous domains of bureaucracy, which instead of limiting
interactions can
be made to allow easy and secured and guaranteed fair exchange, such that any
interaction in terms of money could be automatically micro-taxed, whereby the
previous issues of paperwork and auditing are not held as a damocles sword over
an individual's life, for trying to do something, and instead could be
and made as friction-free as possible. At the same time, data itself,
its movement
or transfer within certain parameters (such as IoT device-to-device or
work output)
could involve a basic structural microtax, subpenny, a tiny fractional
amount that
is tallied in the background that is extremely nominal per person,
perhaps nearly
nonexistent in terms of small coinage per interaction or day, though adds up in
the background as a support for sustaining infrastructure, and thus provides the
basis for subsidizing free public transaction spaces for interaction
of devices and
people outside a corporate-controlled and defined framework. In this way, if the
taxes are automatically dedicated and defined in highly sane terms which are
essentially mediated entirely in a realm of electronics and numbers and nothing
to do with paper currency or production of money, beyond an interface device
(say currency card as meta-note) then lots of things could be possible that
would allow short-term interactions in business and legal frameworks that then
remove the threat of prosecution due to error or misreading or
incapacity to deal
with the bureauracy that is purposefully unable to be mediated except by means
of a professional middle-man which can exploit these dynamics politically, such
that especially for the poor, no actions can be taken without
retaliation and further
repression for trying to operate at a higher level than the ruling
class will allow, as
this is enforced by IRS audits and monitoring, even of the poor, at
the dollar level,
this protecting power of millionaires and billionaires of great excess
and surplus.

(When is the last time you have had the power cut to your apartment complex
in retaliation for having a coffee and banana bread at a cafe as a
birthday gift?
This indicating the entrenched level of corruption involved, its
operational peak
in wielding the power grid, telecommunications and surveillance to oppress.)

What the future could hold, in this situation could be transformed, would be a
realm that moves from a basic electronic currency that is guaranteed in truth,
via a new constitutional and thus legal framework, is the unification
of services
including public and private, within a shared system of interaction and access.

The grocery rewards points and airline miles of credit card today could be the
approach to systems of barter or tiered access and achievement. For instance,
the issue of Boy Scout merit badges translating a series of skills and aptitudes
into an electronic structure instead, when then could be compiled per individual
as to what events are tallied in such a system, as personal circuity,
of the self, whereby like degree programs at University, self-learning
could occur
via attending a particular class at one location or institution, and
then another at
another time or space, as these compile into a self-learning framework that can
become an education and lead to employment or vocation or other approaches.
In this sense, money as data, though also the gamification potential of learning
and incentivizing certain learning and skill building, training,
taking risks, etc. As
this then can inform and develop a culture that is coherent, serving
its needs and
larger goals. Such as conservation programs for natural environments & wildlife,
or volunteering as requirement for other perks that could be mediated privately
and-or publicly, by businesses, governments, even within families as incentive.
Thus in some sense like a running curriculum vitae, though across all areas.

In this way, a non-monetary system that is about data as currency could also
be established, in particular government support of institutions that then could
change data dynamics likewise. For instance government funding for a museum
could enable a perk akin to those for corporate workers, that a family or person
would have a token to visit the museum twice a year for free, based on this
public subsidy and also its benefit to shared culture and literacy. And perhaps
even bartar could occur between people, if someone wanted to see the orchestra.
This would level the field for those without money to still
participate in the culture
versus banning people based on not having enough money to be included or to
participate or be represented within culture. Likewise, if a digital
picture frame
the size of a large painting were commonplace, say an electronic ink version,
then this same museum may allow the loan via copyright of a single image of
a artistic work from their museum archive to be displayed via fair use in homes
and dwellings, as part of this extension and interconnection of shared value. It
costs nothing, except it mediates issues of property and copyright differently,
in human public and private terms and not just onesided selfish private terms.

In such a context, perhaps a person carries an avatar or some intelligent agent
or their pseudonyms and a level of anonymity along with them in these systems,
or that they can microfinance and allocate support to certain
like personal initiative at the level of penny stocks, though
multiplied to millions of
participants with small fluctuating amounts though secured through temporary or
limited contracts, in this way microloans or investments that may
socially benefit
though not return money back to the person and instead develop culture or others
capacity or programs, some moreso than others, including via the ability of the
citizen to direct a proportion of their taxes into these variable
programs, thus to
have their interests served or represented by the distribution of
their tax revenue.
Thus scholarships may be funded decentrally or a public garden or an experiment,
though perhaps within a higher realm of expectation than today,
non-trivial and in-
stead of creating and supporting junk, that an auditing of the ideas is involved
such that it is of value to invest in, and reflects the principles of
a given person
or people to support. And thus foolishness or wastefulness may not predominate
as the ground-up cultural development, funding pension funds for lazy digerati.

So too, the literal realm of games, whereby perhaps a global videogame system
is established and mediated in these same dynamics, as well as within education
whereby a 'dream center' would allow each citizen to develop their
skills within a
grant-framework, honing their self-understanding through step by step
and then creating a structure to place them optimally within society for maximal
contributive effect, via these same means, mechanisms, and structural dynamics.
So for instance, like an urban treasure hunt today or gps waypoints in
a wilderness
obstacle course, so too education or learning or skill development or
life itself, for
instance going to location A (which may be a business) and mediating it within a
certain set of parameters (say for a game or educational skills) and having this
data tallied into the data currency framework, opening doors literal
or figurative,
whereby the labyrinth can be exited if finding and following the
string of education.

§Ãœ  ˝ç∆∑√∞  ¶•©¥º«

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