Replacing email with XMPP...why not?

rysiek rysiek at
Fri Jan 16 23:55:50 PST 2015

Dnia piątek, 16 stycznia 2015 11:31:58 Cypher pisze:
> I've been reading a lot about the need to replace email and I'm not
> quite sure why we're not moving to an XMPP based model.

Because these are two completely different beasts, used for two completely 
different things.

Also, if I were to replace e-mail with something, I'd go with something 
serverless. RetroShare is an interesting project, for instance. It needs some 
love, but the direction is right, AFAIK.

Also, one does not simply replace e-mail...

Michał "rysiek" Woźniak

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