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Fri Feb 6 15:56:18 PST 2015

On 2/6/15, grarpamp <grarpamp at> wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 10:35 AM, Seth <list at> wrote:
>> Agreed, but who wants to gamble with the next 20-35 years of their life
>> being thrown away in some hellish sensory deprivation solitary
>> confinement
>> torture chamber to prove the point?
> Ignoring reasonably good possiblity of constitutionality appeal vacating
> it, that's not the penalty for publishing a NSL/warrant received.
>> Let the gubmint further undermine whatever legitimacy they have left by
>> inventing
>> tortured legal arguments as to why people must be compelled under threat
>> of violence to speak lies
> While exposing their hand, ultimately this doesn't excercise your rights,

Double ACK.

It's a funny thing about rights - the government, police, courts,
schools etc, can not *exercise* my rights for me.

It is only I who can exercise -my- rights. That's the very nature of
exercising one's rights.

> or get them back. At least not until revolution (which is something to be
> avoided).

Ie. the point where so many rights 'proclaimers' yet
'fail-to-exercise-ers' have resulted in such fear, oppression and
finally tyranny, that it is too late to rescue the 'reasonable system'
from the bad people who co-opted it, without said revolution.

>> speak ... (ironically by not speaking)

Well the mind is the great trickster so am certain that lying 'for the
courts' will be somehow twisted by someone into 'lying for God' is a
good thing.

Humans will in general continue to do nothing rather than live a right
with any risk to even a little bit of personal liberty, and it looks
like we shall soon see whether humans will in general lie for the
government, in denial of self and fellow human's' rights,

but wait there's more of course, with Neighbourhood Watch, Crime Watch
and now "dob in a neighbour (sorry, 'suspicious activity')" programs,
we are but a small step away from "if you fail to dob in your
neighbour, -you- will be punished'.

And the decent of human shall be complete. Not only the police and
military up-holding the tyranny of my state (government), but every
fucking so-called 'human' out there (or most of them anyway).

But anyway who wants to have freedom for all those evil plant
cultivators, evil self medicator mind journey trippers, evil gun
users, evil home building experimenters, evil home educators, evil
reiligious believers and evil thought thinkers?

Seth you are right, very few will ever lift a finger for their own
human rights, let alone for the rights of others, since they -do- see
it as a gamble of personal liberty. So I say that those:
- who fail to remain silent when 'ordered' to tell a lie,
- who fail to speak when 'ordered' to hide the truth,
- who fail to take action and live a right when human freedom is challenged,
- who fail to take ANY gamble FOR our human rights and dignity by
LIVING our human rights,
- and finally complain about "things getting worse" and, oh heaven
forbid we might get a revolution,

May they be micro-chipped into pervasive monitoring and compliance,
taxed of all their wealth and further indebted into total slavery!!!

For those of us who prize freedom so greatly, death is a better
option. Yet for such slaves as described above, they would cling to
their "right to be in slavery".

I can hear it now "Stop Right There - I get TWO meals of rice and
sugar a day, but all my friends only get one, that's why I'm the slave
manager and with shoes instead of bare feet - I like my golden bird
cage so don't you dare suggest I rock the boat! I'm raising my child
to be a manager too, so we've got a FUTURE to look forward to! Now
fuck off with all your freedom lies you filthy commie gun-totin
plant-growin devil-worshipn fag! You aint even got a mico chip!!!"

<the small crowd gasps in shock>

"But Jim, I was doin this for you my son - I promised your ma when she died!"

<the small crowd gasps in total shock>

> Nor should you have to develop an entire matrix of
> canaries such that if even one goes silent you know
> the full text of what occured.
> Just speak already, it's not hard.

Pick a path responses:
<chuckles very sadly>Oh grarpamp, our sweetly naive grarpamp. If only
it were so. You must remember this *is* -humans- we are talking about.

I agree that to speak is not hard, yet to face one's fear of
deprivation of a little personal liberty, even for a night or two in
the clink, is far more than most so-called "humans" are capable of.
History has born this out just occasionally I might add...

grarpamp, I agree, just speak the truth judiciously, stand for your
rights, and face your fear. There's no more to it than that, yet in
the fullness of the experience of the living of ones rights and
freedoms, there can arise within oneself a little confront - which is
quite the personal growth experience for those who are into that sort
of thing. And those who are not, you mofos fail to be worthy of the
name "human"!

Bottoms up!

> Unlike the odds with that,
> if you don't, your next 20-35 years will definitely be nothing
> but an ever growing set of...

I do hope that enough humans speak freely, travel freely, grow some of
those plants "man" has dominion over (to use a phrase at the
foundation of some of our legal systems). It would be nice.


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