Security/Privacy Tradeoff - Dave DeWalt of Mandiant

Travis Biehn tbiehn at
Fri Feb 13 21:08:56 PST 2015

>From the article

"Dave DeWalt, CEO of security firm Mandiant, a participant in Friday's
summit, hopes that fear of privacy invasion won't get in the way of the
work that needs to get done. He pointed to the way the way public backlash
to government surveillance programs revealed by former NSA contractor
Edward Snowden stymied previous efforts to effectively open the lines of

"This balance between privacy and security ebbs and flows and unfortunately
that was a huge setback -- a setback to the tune of several years," he said.

This is the first that I've ever heard of a tradeoff between privacy and
security in the context of 'cyber security'.
It's interesting to see this common trope for justifying widespread erosion
of privacy in meatspace applied to 'cyber', where it is even more
egregiously wrong.

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