Security/Privacy Tradeoff - Dave DeWalt of Mandiant

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Fri Feb 13 22:05:41 PST 2015

I will simply say that most people making speeches about privacy these
days don't actually understand what privacy is or why it's important.

On 2/13/15 9:08 PM, Travis Biehn wrote:
> From the article
> "Dave DeWalt, CEO of security firm Mandiant, a participant in Friday's
> summit, hopes that fear of privacy invasion won't get in the way of the
> work that needs to get done. He pointed to the way the way public
> backlash to government surveillance programs revealed by former NSA
> contractor Edward Snowden stymied previous efforts to effectively open
> the lines of communication.
> "This balance between privacy and security ebbs and flows and
> unfortunately that was a huge setback -- a setback to the tune of
> several years," he said.
> "
> This is the first that I've ever heard of a tradeoff between privacy and
> security in the context of 'cyber security'.
> It's interesting to see this common trope for justifying widespread
> erosion of privacy in meatspace applied to 'cyber', where it is even
> more egregiously wrong.
> Travis

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