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I was with friend from north France recently who's girl-friend is btw
Askenazi and he reported to me how Paris look like toady: it was about
beating some Arabic looking guy on street.
When pocket-sized girl started to complain it was revealed that it is
group of cops in civil dress kicking guy in the middle of workday on the
Some youngsters where shouting from balcony something about police state
and police brutality and other 50y-like old guy was filming that from
other side of street from balcony, too.
During next 20min police in uniforms appeared; they took that beaten
Arabic-looking guy from street both youngsters and that 50y old cameraman.

So I'm no way telling that I do agree with whatever is happening in
western Europe or Anglo-Sax countries. We are just more doomed if we
will allow Russian style model: strong state is better than every single
personality or collective and freedom of individual is less than state

-- Over

On 27.12.15 16:26, Rayzer wrote:
> Tomas Overdrive Petru wrote:
>> I'm not Anglo-Saxon btw. I'm from one of ex-occupied country. You know
>> CzechoSlovakia? So that country where Russian tanks where since 1968
>> and most of intelligence was  and beaten regulary. You know
>> totalitarianism under Russia supervise. So IMHO some personal and
>> family experience. In case I should decide if to emigrate/migrate to
>> Chicago or Leningrad [Snkt. Petersburg], guess what I will answer? ;]
>>  Cheers,
>> -- Overdrive
> For background, I'm not anglo-saxon either. My grandparents were from
> Bessarabia and Georgia region who fled the early 1900s pogroms to Ellis
> Island. My grandfather sympathized with the Mensheveiks and was
> vehemently anti-communist... a reform Jew who never gave one penny to
> the settlers in Palestine.
> I have a friend (a grateful deadhead friend fwiw) from South Africa, a
> white man in his 60s whose father was a lawyer and had defended ANC
> people during Apartheid days, was threatened, and had to flee with his
> family.
> One day a decade or so ago we were talking politics and he blurted out
>     "I LOVE America! The walls are so much higher. The razer(sic) wire's
>     so much sharper, and all that pesky police state apparatus... You
>     don't see it!"
> A few months ago we got to talking politics again and I reminded him of
> that quote then I asked: "So can you see that police state apparatus
> yet?" His reply was a vigorous nodding to the affirmative.
> That apparatus YOU see also exists in the US, and now you CAN see it.

“Borders I have never seen one. But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people.”        
  ―     Thor Heyerdahl 

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