Military porn (in words)

Rayzer Rayzer at
Fri Dec 25 08:52:01 PST 2015

Tomas Overdrive Petru wrote:
> Whenever some dictatorship with idea to persecute singing and dancing
> occur around the globe, Russia is there to help.
ROTF. I suppose the CARPET BOMBING of Baghdad based on nothing but a
pack of lies (still being reiterated, recently in one major media outlet
as: "Saddam was in touch with islamists for assistance...") was
something to 'sing and dance' about?

I suppose supplying weapons and cash to the Wahabbi nutjobs in Saudi
Arabia to bomb and strafe Yemen, a country that never even had a
functional Air Force was cause for celebration.

Osama was never heard at Tora Bora (per US dox showing the intel
apparatchik totally lost sigint on him in 1998) yet we used a blatant
lie about hearing him at the old NATO sigint eavesdropping facility
(like dozens that skirted the Russian border ... in Turkey and Iran as
well), he was told to use as he destabilized a nascent secular
Afghanistan b/c "Russians" and "Communism" and then we let the Islamist
scumbuckets we hired to make sure women wore their burquas continue the
job  to this day.

I'm doing the Jig now over that.

The list of offenses against sovereign nations committed by the US in
it's quest for control of every extractive resource and route of removal
goes back to the inception of this marauding nation, and you're either a
paid propagandist, or simply ignorant of world history, or both. I see
that double trait in supporters of "Israel" and it's often the case in
rabid anti-communists too.


"You might want to ask an expert about that - I just fiddled around
with mine until it worked..."

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