Parallel Polis Congress 2-4.10.2015 in Prague / Central Europe

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This organization, Parallel Polis, is inviting me to come and speak at their Congress.  Does anyone know any reason that I should not do so?             Jim Bell
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 Subject: Parallel Polis Congress 2-4.10.2015 in Prague / Central Europe
Hello everybody,
it would be my pleasure to invite you to cypherpunk conference Parallel Polis 
Congress 2015 that will take place during 2-4.10.2015 in Prague / Central

Don't hesitate and join this great and unique event (more information below). 

Last year we had more than 1000 visitors from different countries, see the

Speakers already confirmed for this year - Lyn Ulbricht, Paul Rosenberg,
!Mediengruppe Bitnik, Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, Julia Tourianski,
Smuggler, Frank Braun, Slush, Stef, ..and much more.

* Parallel Polis in theory

Parallel Polis is a theoretical concept developed by Czech dissident Vaclav 
Benda (1942–1999) during the height of communist domination in Czechoslovakia 
in the 1970s. It was translated into English in 1978.
Benda argues that in a repressed state, it is impossible to overturn corrupt 
social, economic and political institutions. Such efforts are futile.
Instead, he suggests the creation of new "parallel institutions" that are more 
responsible to human needs.

* Parallel Polis in practice

We were impressed by the concept of Vaclav Benda’s Parallel Polis and 
Timothy C May’s Crypto Anarchistic Manifesto and Cyphernomicon. 

Embracing the current crypto-technologies we have realized a practical 
feasibility of these utopian theories and started a unique freedom think tank 
focused on the promotion of digital freedom, cryptocurrencies, anonymization 
networks and free markets.

For this purpose we decided to rent a big 3-floor house (with almost 1000m2) 
in the center of Prague (Holešovice) - one floor dedicated to Bitcoin 
coffee-house, hub and hackerspace called Institute of Cryptoanarchy. :)

* Founders of Parallel Polis

Parallel polis is 100% state-free project, based on voluntary contributions 
only of our members and donors.
Founding members are people from Czech contemporary-art group Ztohoven 
( and group of cryptoanarchists from Czech and Slovak 
hackerspaces, see their recent projects Moral Reform (hack of Czech 
Parliament) and Citizen K ( )

* Parallel Polis Congress and why we need you!

Parallel Polis Congress is a 1-birthday party of a new era of our freedom. 
For such a unique event, we decided to invite all speakers whom we have loved 
and respected for a long time.

* When & Where

Parallel Polis Congress takes place in Parallel Polis building (Dělnická 43, 
Prague) during 2-4.10.2015.
If you prefer to take public transport, take the tram number 1, 12, 14, 25, 53 
or 54 to the tram station Dělnická.

* Stay in touch
[Parallel Polis - Bitcoin Coffee House, Hub and Cryptoanarchy hackerspace]

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