so called onion routing

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i think there could be solutions utilized like easily shifting the ip
address of comp and router yourself in your own little hut > 'ghost' it but
not thru others .... pretty fucking simple i know but maybe effective in a
really different way than having the fake government of the US build
something and use people that are activists against them to make it work
also i think the infrastructure is too bulky

i like to think about satelites (and thats all i will say about that) - i
dont know i would have to have a real think about solutions it is very
important to think about it and not just the problem for sure but i dont
think the methodology of tor is a solution i think it is a stoppage point
that people are not seeing beyond ... people dont think it has been
penetrated and i have no proof of that but maybe that isnt the main problem
for me ... structurally speaking it is a disaster ... the masses being
handed a tool in order to subvert the government??? as they say you cant
make this shit up

i know that when i was in syria i could get a fucking video call in the
desert where there was nothing ... this was syria not a rich country per
say like at all so i think the choking of the communication system is super
in play ... if others dont think thats a problem then they need to educate
themselves ... do people that live in the US on this list even know that
the infrastructure of fiber optics that underlies the communications may
not even be utilized in their city and that the reason it is not used is
because the communication companies bought a contract with there city that
freezes it all up? please look into the chatanooga model if you dont know
about this 'freemarket' bullshit>>>> also fyi iraq had video calls
nationwide in 2000 or even before ... now i am not sure what tech they were
using i think radiowaves and shooting the signal over land that way but it
all points to a tremendous shut down of functionality  .... not that it was
probably all that healthy for people but...

sure we can write each other little words on this frame of communications
but see what happens when attempting to shift in a large way ... like when
they printed the 3d gun... people had to git fr USA & like when barrett
made project pm and this is a major reason i think there should be as many
solutions as possible not just one - not as easy for gov/corp to take them

On Wed, Aug 5, 2015 at 11:15 AM, Juan <juan.g71 at> wrote:

> On Tue, 4 Aug 2015 22:36:00 -0700
> coderman <coderman at> wrote:
> > On 8/3/15, Juan <juan.g71 at> wrote:
> > > ...
> > >
> > > 1995:
> > > Initial work on Onion Routing begins, funded by ONR.
> >
> > back in this day, fully saturated ISDN pairs made for great zero
> > knowledge overlays, too.
> >
> > the real question is, what do you propose to do better?
>         what I was getting at is that, if I'm not  mistaken, syverson
>         and co. claim to have 'invented' 'onion routing'
>         but they didn't come up with the ideas and didn't even come up
>         with the name apparently
> >
> >
> > if TCP Tor is just a jump toward datagram traffic analysis resistant
> > overlays, how little it matters what origins for this open source",
> > distributed, public infrastructure?
> >
>         do you consider your governemnt to be a 'repressive regime'
>         coderman?
>         does tor protect people from your goverment's attacks?
>         do you think tor helps the US government in any way?
>         do you think it's 'hypotetically' acceptable to murder say a 100
>         people so that 1 million  people can 'anonymously' browse
>         their newspaper or favorite sports website?
> > cooperation is the future. learn to do it least badly :P
> >
> >
> > best regards,

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