so called onion routing

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> On 8/3/15, Juan <juan.g71 at> wrote:
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> > 1995:
> > Initial work on Onion Routing begins, funded by ONR.
> back in this day, fully saturated ISDN pairs made for great zero
> knowledge overlays, too.
> the real question is, what do you propose to do better?

	what I was getting at is that, if I'm not  mistaken, syverson
	and co. claim to have 'invented' 'onion routing' 

	but they didn't come up with the ideas and didn't even come up
	with the name apparently

> if TCP Tor is just a jump toward datagram traffic analysis resistant
> overlays, how little it matters what origins for this open source",
> distributed, public infrastructure?

	do you consider your governemnt to be a 'repressive regime'

	does tor protect people from your goverment's attacks? 

	do you think tor helps the US government in any way? 

	do you think it's 'hypotetically' acceptable to murder say a 100
	people so that 1 million  people can 'anonymously' browse
	their newspaper or favorite sports website? 

> cooperation is the future. learn to do it least badly :P
> best regards,

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