"Whew, wondered where we'd put those 200,000 BTC!"

tpb-crypto at laposte.net tpb-crypto at laposte.net
Sat Mar 22 11:05:02 PDT 2014

> Message du 22/03/14 17:28
> De : "Troy Benjegerdes" 
> If you think you need 'money' to write a better exchange, then you are just
> another crypto-snake-oil salesman, and are WORSE than Gox, who at least gave
> us a good example of failure.
> However, if you want to put your code (and failures) where your mouth is,
> I'll give you free room and board if you show me good code, and an honest
> effort to learn from failure. Nowhere in this exchange is money involved.

Most of the guys willing to create a new exchange are figuring they need to pay a team of professional C programmers if they want their system working without hacks, because lately 90% of coders barely get through with Python, lol.

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