"Whew, wondered where we'd put those 200,000 BTC!"

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> > Message du 22/03/14 17:28
> > De : "Troy Benjegerdes"
> > If you think you need 'money' to write a better exchange, then you are
> just
> > another crypto-snake-oil salesman, and are WORSE than Gox, who at least
> gave
> > us a good example of failure.
> >
> > However, if you want to put your code (and failures) where your mouth is,
> > I'll give you free room and board if you show me good code, and an honest
> > effort to learn from failure. Nowhere in this exchange is money involved.
> Most of the guys willing to create a new exchange are figuring they need
> to pay a team of professional C programmers if they want their system
> working without hacks, because lately 90% of coders barely get through with
> Python, lol.

Having worked on some complex banking and accounting systems before, I know
there is a lot more to the equation than simple coding up some crappy ruby
code and putting fixes in place whenever it doesn't quite do what you want.

Financial cryptography is expensive to do mostly because there is a strong
need to not only implement good code, but also make sure the engineering is
done correctly the first time and that it has the expensive physical
security to back it up.

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