MH370 in hangar at Diego Garcia, detainees already rendered

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> That all the Pilots are saying "Probably Fire" and nobody's listening,
> in favour of all sorts of bizarre and unlikely conspiracies, says a lot
> about our maturity and our level of openness to fearmongering.

	Is the 'probably fire' theory compatible with this?

	" there were regular stand-by pings from the airliner's otherwise disabled
ACARS automated performance update system, between 1.07 am KL time on 8
March when that system stopped filing data, and that last known ping at
8.11 the same morning"

	"The automatic pings, or attempts to link up with satellites operated by
Inmarsat PLC, occurred a number of times after Flight 370's last verified
position, the people briefed on the situation said, indicating that at
least through those five hours, the Boeing Co. BA -1.10% 777 carrying 239
people remained intact and hadn't been destroyed in a crash, act of
sabotage or explosion."


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