Latest Belarusian censorship law & censorship actions

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I'm going to ask that the lists begin discussing in a different
thread, revised guidelines for use of GPG. If for no other reason than
that things that taking donations of different (now hundreds) of
cryptocurrencies, and that breathing or farting or feeding your pigs
is now illegal, I think that we need to at least make some kind of
halfhearted attempt to discuss when and in what circumstances GPG (ok,
if you like I am tired, and you can say PGP too) key exchange is best
for whole list and not just for betweent two persons.

Dasvedanya, etc.

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> On Sun, 21 Dec 2014 03:09:36 -0800, Anton Nesterov 
> <komachi at> wrote:
>> Today President of Belarus signed a law which provides heavy
>> regulation to freedom of speech. Basically, it makes any website
>> media and forbids "information aimed at the propaganda of the
>> war, extremist activities, or the calls for such activities,
>> pornography, violence, cruelty, and any other informations which
>> distribution can harm national interest of the Republic of
>> Belarus, or forbidden by this law, or by any other legislative
>> act of the Republic of Belarus". It also force owners of websites
>> to moderate user-generated content. Any website which violate 
>> this will be blocked. Also the law forbids any media with more
>> than 20% of foreign investors.
> These days I actually celebrate each and every nation state attack
> on Internet freedom. The logic being that these attacks drive mass
> adoption of decentralized encryption better than anything else.
> The RIAA Succeeds Where the Cypherpunks Failed by Clay Shirky 

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