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Many people are curious about the 40GB Fin Fisher dump, which is mostly
comprised of GPG encrypted files.
Could be an interesting application of raw compute power.


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> Hello Guys from metzdowd,
> I really like your mailing list and following it longer time now.
> Since I think the posts there are really of high quality and the
> people participating really know what they are talking about I would
> love to ask a specific question that could be really interesting for
> everyone there.
> I come from a company that is doing cryptocurrency mining in large
> scale and currently we are thinking about a use case for our 1300 high
> end GPU farm that is not necessarily profit oriented, but most
> importantly interesting and exciting. I asked a lot of people till now
> and also people from chaos computer club in germany, where I received
> especially ideas pointing to using the farm to decrypt emails or other
> decryption services. Also I was suggested to use it to decrypt the
> NSA_KEY, but that is obviously not doable in human time even if the
> farm would be 1000x bigger.
> Do you have any interesting idea what to do with the farm? If we like
> the project it we wouldn't hesitate to start directly!
> I would really appreciate if you could ask this to the mailing list
> and I am really excited about the answers. What do you think?
> Greetings,
> Marco
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