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// hacking the interstate and road system... (via digg)

Meet The Guy Who Drove Across The U.S. In A Record 28 Hours 50 Minutes

"After Alex Roy set the transcontinental driving record, he waited a
year to come forward – until the statute of limitations expired on
every single illegal act he committed. Ed and Dave waited less than
three weeks."

(a great story involving strategic preparation, musical flow...
risky, daring, record-breaking in mass surveillance context)

//  everything electronic potentially bugged and networked?
//  wat if this is the unaccounted for norm instead of exception

DON'T BREW THAT CUPPA! Your kettle could be a SPAMBOT  (via drudge)
Russian report says Chinese appliances hide Wifi slurping spam-spreaders

// security from solar flare & solar wind protection, CME EMP-like.
// also moves into metaphysics, 'reading the signs' a Rorschach test...

28 solar flares in the last seven days -- video  (via drudge),0,7996603.story#axzz2jPVVsMpE

'A sunspot is an area of the sun where the magnetic fields have gotten
all twisted up. "You get a tangled bunch of magnetic fields, and they
get too tangled and too stressed, they end up erupting," said Holly
Gilbert, a solar physicist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.'

// excellent site to learn language of sun signs...
// varying patterns akin to observing man on moon

photographs and videos via solar telescope

(also, consider Van Gogh's sunflowers in this context)

This is how you blow up a planet, according to Neil deGrasse Tyson

Left Or Right Tail Wags Elicit Different Emotional Responses From Dogs
 (via digg)

'"Where this paper is a step forward is to show that those [brain
hemisphere] side biases are actually read or interpreted by another
member of the species," she said. "We have very little if any other
evidence of that."'

Designing an acoustic diode  // metamaterial

"How the Acoustic Diode Would Work:  Sound waves easily flow in two
directions. Yet in nature, total reflection of sound in one direction
is known to occur at the air-water interface. This gave investigators
the idea that an acoustical diode could be constructed by transmitting
acoustic waves using an asymmetric prism to create total
unidirectional reflection."

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