INDECT: Intelligent Information System Supporting Observation, Searching and Detection for Security of Citizens in Urban Environment

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Fri Nov 1 11:19:22 PDT 2013 

Project: INDECT
Title: Intelligent Information System Supporting Observation, Searching and Detection for Security of Citizens in Urban Environment	
Call: FP7-SEC-2007-1	
Grant agreement number: 218086	
Start date: 01/01/2009	
End date: 31/12/2013	
Special clause 39: no	
Scientific area: Security	
Programme: SP1-Cooperation	

Detailed project information (CORDIS)


Use of the bio-inspired algorithms to find global minimum in force directed layout algorithms
DoS attacks targeting SIP server and improvements of robustness
Impact of network Jitter on effective equipment impairment factor
Video files recording and playback with VoiceXML
Objective assessment of IP video calls with Asterisk
Delay model of RTP flows in accordance with M/D/1 and M/D/2 Kendall's notation
Monitoring the quality of speech in the communication system BESIP
Remote control of asterisk via web services
E-model modification for case of cascade codecs arrangement
Methodology of the direct measurement of the switching latency
Performance analysis of virtualized real-time applications
SIP end to end performance metrics
Improvement of network efficiency on the grounds of change communication protocol
Software designed 64-QAM demodulator of OFDM signal implemented into FPGA elements
Fundamental frequency extraction method using central clipping and its importance for the classification of emotional state
The interactions of SOAP-based web services for recording and replaying video files
Malicious traffic monitoring and its evaluation in VoIP infrastructure
Automated speech quality monitoring tool based on perceptual evaluation
Approach to stress tests in SIP environment based on marginal analysis
Applied multiprotocol routing in IP telephony
Advanced concept of voice communication server on embedded platform
SIP registration stress test
Delay variation model for RTP flows in network with priority queueing
E-model improvement for speech quality evaluation including codecs tandeming
Jitter buffer loss estimate for effective equipment impairment factor
Overview of the security components of INDECT project
VoIP based system for the message distribution
Security infrastructures: towards the INDECT system security
Mathematical model of subscriber extension line
Performance evaluation of INACT - INDECT advanced image cataloguing tool
Influence of atmospheric parameters on speech quality in GSM/UMTS
Danger alert communication system
Development of a speech quality monitoring tool based on ITU-T P.862
IP telephony based danger alert communication system and its implementation
Multimedia services in Asterisk based on VoiceXML
Impact of emotions on fundamental speech signal frequency
Speech quality monitoring in czech national research network
Delay variation model with RTP flows behavior in accordance with M/D/1 Kendall's notation
SIP threats detection system
Interactive VoiceXML module into SIP-based warning distribution system
Web-based IP telephony penetration system evaluating level of protection from attacks and threats
Non-intrusive speech quality assessment in simplified e-model
Replication-Based Information Sharing in Multi-Agent System for Monitoring the Internet
Feature selection for acoustic events detection
M-JPEG Robust Video Watermarking Based on DPCM and Transform Coding
Traffic Danger Ontology for Citizen Safety Web System
How to Build an Objective Model for Packet Loss Effect on High Definition Content Based on SSIM and Subjective Experiments
Web-Based Knowledge Acquisition and Management System Supporting Collaboration for Improving Safety in Urban Environment
A New Method for Automatic Generation of Animated Motion
A no reference metric for the quality assessment of videos affected by exposure distortion
On Occlusion-Handling for People Detection Fusion in Multi-camera Networks
Agent-based Modelling of Social Organisations
Content protection in grayscale and color images based on robust digital watermarking
Anchor-Free Localization Algorithm with Low-Complexity Method for Node Distance Estimation Enhancement Using ToA
Analysis of privacy vulnerabilities in single sign-on mechanisms for multimedia websites
Scenario-Driven System for Open Source Intelligence
Correction Trees as an Alternative to Turbo Codes and Low Density Parity Check Codes
Prototypes of a Web System for Citizen Provided Information, Automatic Knowledge Extraction, Knowledge Management and GIS Integration
Recent advances in multimedia networking
INDECT Security Architecture
LDA for Face Profile Detection
Audio-Visual Surveillance System for Application in Bank Operating Room
Software Implementation of New Symmetric Block Cipher
Malicious traffic monitoring and its evaluation in VoIP infrastructure
Approach to stress tests in SIP environment based on marginal analysis
Graph-Based Relation Mining
Detection and Localization of Selected Acoustic Events in 3D Acoustic Field for Smart Surveillance Applications
Distributed Framework for Visual Event Detection in Parking Lot Area
Object Detection and Measurement Using Stereo Images
Semantic Structure Matching Recommendation Algorithm
Acoustic Events Detection Using MFCC and MPEG-7 Descriptors
Quality Assessment for a Licence Plate Recognition Task Based on a Video Streamed in Limited Networking Conditions
Automatic quality control of digital image content reconstruction schemes
Broadcast news audio classification using SVM binary trees
Analysis of Particular Iris Recognition Stages
Determining image quality requirements for recognition tasks in generalized public safety video applications: Definitions, testing, standardization, and current trends
INSTREET - Application for Urban Photograph Localization
Quantum cryptography - The analysis of security requirements
Implementation of the New Integration Model of Security and QoS for MANET to the OPNET
A new approach to high-capacity annotation watermarking based on digital fountain codes
A Novel JPEG Steganography Method Based on Modulus Function with Histogram Analysis
Hierarchical Multi-Agent System for Heterogeneous Data Integration
INCR — INDECT Multimedia Crawler
Performance of Basic Spectral Descriptors and MRMR Algorithm to the Detection of Acoustic Events
Towards Hardware Implementation of INDECT Block Cipher
Multi-camera Vehicle Tracking Using Local Image Features and Neural Networks
Video Watermarking Based on DPCM and Transformcoding Using Permutation Spectrum and QIM
Camera Angle Invariant Shape Recognition in Surveillance Systems
A Statistical Blind Image Steganalysis Based on Image Multi-classification
Integrating Applications Developed for Heterogeneous Platforms: Building an Environment for Criminal Analysts
A new symmetric block cipher based on key-dependent S-boxes
INACT — INDECT Advanced Image Cataloguing Tool
QoE as a Function of Frame Rate and Resolution Changes
Monitoring the quality of speech in the communication system BESIP
Brightness Correction and Stereovision Impression Based Methods of Perceived Quality Improvement of CCTV Video Sequences
Performance Measurements of Real Time Video Transmission from Car Patrol
Multiple Sound Sources Localization in Real Time Using Acoustic Vector Sensor
Vehicle Classification Based on Soft Computing Algorithms
Quality Assessment in Video Surveillance
Performance Evaluation of the Parallel Codebook Algorithm for Background Subtraction in Video Stream
A High-Capacity Annotation Watermarking Scheme
Fast Face Localisation Using AdaBoost Algorithm and Identification with Matrix Decomposition Methods
Detection of Moving Objects in Images Combined from Video and Thermal Cameras
A novel approach to adaptive image authentication
Recent Progress in Development of Language Model for Slovak LVCSR
Automated qualitative assessment of multi-modal distortions in digital images based on GLZ
Assessing Task-Based Video Quality — A Journey from Subjective Psycho-Physical Experiments to Objective Quality Models
Extensible Web Crawler – Towards Multimedia Material Analysis
Efficient Method for Content Reconstruction With Self-Embedding
Face Detection using Color based Skin Localization and Facial Features Extraction
Security Infrastructures: Towards the INDECT System Security
Verification of the Parameterization Methods in the Context of Automatic Recognition of Sounds Related to Danger
Resolving Conflicts in Object Tracking in Video Stream Employing Key Point Matching
One Approach of Using Key-Dependent S-BOXes in AES
>From Algorithm to Agent
Quantum Cryptography Protocol Simulator
A novel method of image steganography in DWT domain
A scheme for censorship of sensitive image content with high-quality reconstruction ability
Detecting Predatory Behaviour from Online Textual Chats
Classification of video sequences into specified Generalized Use Classes of target size and lighting level
SIP Registration Burst Load Test
Comparison of Different Feature Types for Acoustic Event Detection System
Multicriteria Metadata Mechanisms for Fast and Reliable Searching of People Using Databases with Unreliable Records
Evolutionary Tuning of Compound Image Analysis Systems for Effective License Plate Recognition
Redefining ITU-T P.912 Recommendation Requirements for Subjects of Quality Assessments in Recognition Tasks
Analysis of Malware Network Activity

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