The USA Fake Of The Moon Landings

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>Example:  No dust on the faceplate in a very famous photo of an
>astronaut on the moon.  This widely distributed "proof" of a moon
>landing hoax falls flat when placed in its native context:  The
>propaganda extravaganza around the Apollo program produced and
>published /lots/ of high quality graphics.  Time Magazine used all
>the photos they really liked, without referencing which were taken
>in training environments vs. on the Moon OR hesitating to
>extensively retouch the "real" pictures for maximum artistic quality

One ostensible 'disproof' of the moon landing was the claim that the video camera didn't show any stars in the moon's sky.  However, the scenery seen in those shots (lunar soil; equipment; astronauts) was extremely bright, somewhat like a beach in full sunlight.  The contrast ratios of (non-silicon) video pickup tubes in that era were not wide, meaning that any star in the sky (other than the sun) couldn't be visible AND show the backgrounds too.
         Jim Bell

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