MicroGorilla Postpones Rocket-Launch Plans Until..."likely

Neva Remailer nobody at neva.org
Tue Dec 10 11:45:29 PST 2019

sometime next year."

>Anonymous wrote:
> > The "Not-News Gorilla NutWork" was rocket-launched
in the Mohave Desert
> > early yesterday morning by a rag-tag bunch of paramilitarist
> > gurus who unveiled an InterNet Bill of Bytes that included
the words,
> > "MicroSoft shall make no laws..."

Steven Vonder Haar wrote, the very next day:
> Microsoft Corp. has tabled plans to include new technology
in its
> Internet Explorer 4.0 browser that would have made "news"
> sites exempt from content rating standards promoted for use
on the
> Internet.

>Anonymous wrote:
> > Angered by a self-appointed council of computer industry
magnates who
> > have announced their intention to seize fascist control
of the quickly
> > burgeoning Information Highway by controlling the definition
of all
> > information, the rebels set up a shooting range which
contained a wide
> > variety of targets ranging from copies of the Wall Street
Journal to
> > life-sized cardboard cut-outs of a hooded figure referred
to only as,
> > "a billionaire to be named later."

Steven Vonder Haar wrote, the very next day:
> RSAC President C. Dianne Martin said Microsoft is running
out of time
> to implement the separate designation for news sites before
the launch
> of the 4.0 version of Explorer later this year.

>Anonymous wrote:
> > "We have decided on two classes of ratings."
explained a tassel-
> > haired young woman as she slid shells into a Winchester
> > sitting on her lap. "On..." she said, lifting
the shotgun with one
> > hand, then liberating the hooded head from a nearby
cardboard cut-out,
> > before turning back to say, with a Cheshire grin, "...and

Steven Vonder Haar wrote, the very next day:
> However, the company
> plans to include the news designation in the 5.0 version
of Explorer
> when it is made available..."likely sometime next year."

There wasn't much doubt that 'Nobody' was pointing out to one
and all that the Internet Content Coalition was under siege, and
that the opening salvo by 'Anonymous' had brought the largest
corporation in history to its knees, in surrender.
A bold claim, but would this declaration of war in the battle
of the giants to seize control of the official reigns of news
and information on the InterNet be backed up in the end, by across
the board results?

A Player To Be Named Later pored over a FreeAmerica report on
the resurrection of the Inslaw ghosts in the mid-1990's.
Federal Corruption
Copyright FreeAmerica and Harry V. Martin, 1995

Congressman Jack Brooks of Texas has opened a new investigation
into the INSLAW case. Brooks is investigating allegations that
Justice Department officials, including Meese, conspired to force
INSLAW into bankruptcy in order to deliver the firm's software
to a rival company. The rival firm, according to court records
and law enforcement officials, was headed by Earl W. Brian, a
former Cabinet officer under then California Governor Ronald Reagan
and a longtime friend of several high-ranking Republican officials.

[Earl W. Brian! Who had seized control of United Press International
(UPI) in a deal every bit as shady as the Inslaw affair…]
On March 21, 1992, [Michael] Riconoscuito stated in an affidavit
to the Court and Congress, and before he was arrested, the following:

During the 1980s he served as the Director of Research for
a joint venture between the Wackenhut Corporation of Coral Gables,
Florida, and the Cabazon Band of Indians of Indio, California.
The joint venture was located on the Cabazon reservation. 

[Near the Salton Sea, a long-time haunt of the Author, who
brought a strange variety of computer gurus to the area, purportedly
for Corvina fishing, but what was the real story about
their travels there?]
The Wackenhut-Cabazon joint venture sought to develop and/or
manufacture certain materials that are used in military and national
security operations, including night vision goggles, machine guns,
fuel- air explosives, and biological and chemical warfare weapons.
The Wackenhut-Cabazon joint venture was intended to support
the needs of a number of FOREIGN governments and forces, including
forces and governments in Central America and the Middle East.
The Contras in Nicaragua represented one of the most important
priorities for the joint venture.
The Wackenhut-Cabazon joint venture maintained close liaison
with 'certain elements' of the United States Government, including
representatives of intelligence, military and law enforcement
Among the frequent visitors to the Wackenhut-Cabazon joint
venture were Peter Videnieks of the U.S. Department of Justice
in Washington, D.C., and a close associate of Videnieks by the
name of Earl W. Brian. Brian is a private businessman who lives
in Maryland and who has maintained close business ties with the
U.S. intelligence community for many years. 
The purpose of the PROMIS software modification that I made
in 1983 and 1984 was to support a plan for the implementation
of PROMIS in law enforcement and intelligence agencies worldwide.
Earl W. Brian was spearheading the plan for this worldwide use
of the PROMIS computer software. 
Some of the modifications that I made were specifically designed
to facilitate the implementation of PROMIS within two agencies
of the Government of Canada: the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
(RCMP) and the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS).
Earl W. Brian would check with me from time to time to make certain
that the work would be completed in time to satisfy the schedule
for the RCMP and CSIS implementations of PROMIS.

[The RCMP and CSIS…the same entities that the Author had
shared a Russian language class with in Regina, Saskatchewan,
just before the Moscow Olympics. Who had he encountered in that
group who would later be instrumental in acquiring the PROMIS
software for the Canadians?]
The propriety version of PROMIS, as modified by me, was, in
fact implemented in both the RCMP and the CSIS in Canada. It was
my understanding that Earl W. Brian had sold this version of PROMIS
to the Government of Canada. 

A Player To Be Named Later suddenly remembered the email to the
CypherPunks mailing list and the corporate headquarters of the
Internet Content Coalition that had been forwarded from the LMBoyd
Website, which was known to be a forum for the Circle of Eunuchs
to send veiled messages to set the stage for their more pointed
attacks on the Dark Forces.
It was an email that was sent out when the dark specter of the
Internet Content Coalition first began to flex their muscles.

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