[info] [ZS] Prestige Bitcoin

lodewijk andré de la porte lodewijkadlp at gmail.com
Mon May 7 12:06:23 PDT 2012

> What do you think about those ideas?
I don't think there's enough incentive to spend Prestigecoins. I don't
get anything in return. The idea of mined Prestigecoin and normal
Presigecoin eiter splits the currency or is moot. Since I can give
myself or a fake account of mine coins the laundring of coins is
either very easy, or impossible. If it's impossible then what would a
mined Prestigecoin be worth and how does that differ from a received

I'm also unclear about the reflowing mechanisms, then again, you too seem to be.

I think what you really want to achieve is to create another
facebook-like button, a way to measure your epeen or a donation
It's hard to convince people that money should be decentralised, but
it'll be even harder to convince them that giving likeing should be
decentralised. If you think you solve some sort of quantification or
fake person problem you are wrong.

It's either important that something earns you money or that something
is really good, or both. Doing something just for the prestige of it
is pretentious and it'll prevent you from doing what you truly believe
in. After all who can judge your work better than the expert who's
opinion you respect or yourself? Having a currency prestige system is
not going to help anyone but those already popular, those who least
need it. It's also not an uncommon problem to see wel solved in a
centralised manner.

What drives you to want to engage in this project?

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