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> That is the point of it. Centralized systems are prone to all kinds of
> corruption. None of them is widely accepted, and for good reason. If the
> conceptual problems can be solved, it would be an ideal companion to
> Bitcoin. I believe Michael may be onto something big.

Something that just came to mind...

It would make sense for the Zero State to make use of distributed
software engineering tools for its development projects, as it aims
toward a completely decentralized way of going about just about
everything.  This implies at a minimum a revision control system like
Git (http://git-scm.com/), or more ideally a complete solution like
Fossil (https://www.fossil-scm.org/index.html/doc/trunk/www/index.wiki).
 Git only handles revision control and tracking of files checked into
it, but Fossil includes a fully distributed wiki, bug tracker, and
blog.  While a "home base" server could (and should) be set up, each
participating client has a point-in-time snapshot of the whole
shebang, and clients could update one another if necessary; ideally,
multiple home base servers which sync with one another could be
established (with round-robin DNS records) and clients can sync from a
single hostname (home-base.zerostate.net, let's say).

Where I'm going with this is here: pre- and post-commit hooks can be
integrated into the repo to do arbitrary things... like ping a
reputation management system to register the activity carried out by
developers as part of the repnet being discused in this thread.  I
suspect that plug-ins could be developed that also manage a user's
reputation index based upon blog posts, tickets
opened/commented/fixed/closed out, comments left on posts,
documentation written, and so on and so forth.  This would also have
the advantage of being self-documenting, because rep would be based
upon the deliverables checked into the repository and thus visible to
everyone taking part.

This could also be used, now that I think of it, for managing and
developing stuff for the ARG.

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