60% of Wikipedia entries about companies contain errors - correcting them isn't easy

Lauren Weinstein lauren at vortex.com
Tue Apr 17 10:12:30 PDT 2012

http://j.mp/IuII3Q  (Science News)

  When respondents attempted to engage editors through Wikipedia's "Talk"
  pages to request factual corrections to entries, 40 percent said it took
  "days" to receive a response, 12 percent indicated "weeks," while 24
  percent never received any type of response.  According to Wikipedia, the
  standard response time to requests for corrections is between two and five
  days.  Only 35 percent of respondents were able to engage with Wikipedia,
  either by using its "Talk" pages to converse with editors or through
  direct editing of a client's entry. Respondents indicated this figure is
  low partly because some fear media backlash over making edits to clients'
  entries. Respondents also expressed a certain level of uncertainty
  regarding how to properly edit Wikipedia entries.  Of those who were
  familiar with the process of editing Wikipedia entries, 23 percent said
  making changes was "near impossible." Twenty-nine percent said their
  interactions with Wikipedia editors were "never productive."


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