Fair Game: Vandalism of the CO in Mayfair, London

Dave Howe DaveHowe at gmx.co.uk
Fri Sep 12 00:05:45 PDT 2008

Tyler Durden wrote:
> Interestingly, the "Extremists" seem to be finally catching on.
> Last night someone vandalized the Central Office in Mayfair, London, impact 8
> large banks. They apparently pulled dozens of circuit packs, cut fiber cables,
> and even put those fake photos in front of the security cameras.
> It has wiped out lots of important banking traffic in the area, and it's going
> to take a few days to get it all back up, as they don't have enough spare
> circuit packs to get the traffic moving again.

Extremism is a possible explanation, but given they stole a whole heap
of expensive networking equipment, it is equally possible it was
financially motivated, rather than political.

Could be both as well, of course - that would make funding other attacks
easier, while also disrupting capitalists in the capitol :)

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