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>Subject: FBI plans new Net-tapping push
>FBI plans new Net-tapping push
>By Declan McCullagh


>b" Eliminate the current legal requirement saying the Justice
>Department must publish a public "notice of the actual number of
>interceptions" every year. That notice currently also must disclose
>"maximum capacity" required to accommodate all of the legally
>taps that government agencies will "conduct and use simultaneously."

This would eliminate the public's ability to learn interesting and
important facts like those published here (also by Mr McCullagh):
http://speakout.com/activism/opinions/4377-1.html.  For example,
"According to government statistics, in 1998 police intercepted
2,313,210 conversations but the taps -- 71% were for drug-related
crimes -- resulted in only 911 convictions."  Was that a reasonable
trade-off between security and freedom?  And how else can we, the
people, make such judgments without having facts like these?

Hugh D. Hyatt
Bryn Athyn, PA

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     consequence of his crime, and the punishment of his guilt.
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