nym-0.4 released (now includes Javascript)

Jason Holt jason at lunkwill.org
Fri Oct 21 02:22:34 PDT 2005

The most notable feature in this release of nym is that you can now use nym
entirely from your web browser:


Until someone figures out how to create client certificate requests in
Javascript, the CA will have to do so instead (or, you could generate the
request on a separate machine and paste it in with a trivial hack).  This
means the CA will know your certificate's private key; this is bad if you
want to make sure you can never be impersonated.  It's actually good if you
want deniability, since you can always claim that the CA chose to
impersonate you.

There are other miscellaneous bugfixes which break compatibility with
earlier versions.

Sources (including the javascript client) are available here, as always:



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