[fc-discuss] Financial Cryptography Update: On Digital Cash-like Payment Systems

R.A. Hettinga rah at shipwright.com
Thu Oct 20 17:39:11 PDT 2005

At 2:36 AM +0200 10/21/05, Daniel A. Nagy wrote:
>With all due respect, this was unnecessarily rude, unfair and unwarranted.

This is the *cypherpunks* list, guy... :-)

>Silvio Micali is a very prolific author and he published more than one paper
>on more than one exchange protocol

And I just got through saying that there are *lots* of exchange protocols.

You're the guy who said he couldn't figure out how to do a receipts. I toss
one, out of probably hundreds out there in the last 30 years, off the top
of my head, and *you* go all canonical on me here.

Again. Repeat. Google is your friend.

Thank you for playing.


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