Judy Miller needing killing

Riad S. Wahby rsw at jfet.org
Thu Oct 20 11:42:50 PDT 2005

cyphrpunk <cyphrpunk at gmail.com> wrote:
> The notion that someone who is willing to spend months in jail just to
> keep a promise of silence "needs killing" is beyond bizarre and is
> downright evil.

Straw man alert.

MV's notion is that a person who thinks journalists should be a special
class of people who enjoy freedom of press (while, presumably, the rest
of us don't) needs killing.  That this person happens also to have spent
months in jail, &c, is unhappy coincidence.

> This list supports the rights of individuals to tell
> the government to go to hell, and that is exactly what Judy Miller
> did. She should be a hero around here. It's disgusting to see these
> kinds of comments from a no-nothing like "Major Variola".

I agree that her actions with regard to the Grand Jury situation are
commendable (especially in light of my belief that the entire Grand Jury
process is one of the most broken parts of our present legal system).
Nevertheless, calling for the creation of a (licensed?) journalist
"class" is stupidity so pure it's almost immoral.

Repeat after me: we are all journalists.

Riad S. Wahby
rsw at jfet.org

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