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J.A. Terranson measl at
Mon May 16 07:27:27 PDT 2005

On Mon, 16 May 2005, martin f krafft wrote:

> Did I miss some development or why exactly does cypherpunks care
> about a release candidate of libevent (or Wolfram's New Kind of
> Science for that matter)? Was I frozen for that long?

Well, lets see.  I suppose I could answer either way: Yes, we care, and no
we don't.  They are both true.

> Note that I am not trying to be a bitch or troll, but I am on this
> mailing list to follow the hacker culture

Then what the fuck are you doing *here*?

> and developments in privacy issues and Internet technology, not to
> learn about all kinds of tangential announcements.

Then you are in the wrong fucking place buddy.  This is cpunks:
Information wants to be free and all that.  Anything is postable, nothing
turned away, even trolls like you are welcome additions.

> Could someone bring me up to speed, please?


> This is not flamebait. Really not.

Then maybe you should reconsider where you hang your virtual hat a little
more carefully in the future.


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