zombied ypherpunks (Re: Email Certification?)

Ola Bini Ola.Bini at itc.ki.se
Mon May 2 07:31:04 PDT 2005

At 16:10 2005-05-02, you wrote:

>>Here is the fundamental misunderstanding. Your email is no "account". 
>>There are no place where your account is stored. The only thing that 
>>exists is an endpoint, where you receive your mail. Before the mail 
>>reaches that point, its's just TCP-packets on the wire.
>OK, what the heck are you talking about? You're telling me that 
>hotmail/gmail is stored on my personal COMPUTER? Not even a TLA-originated 
>campaign of disinformation would attempt to get that across. Are you like 
>a 14-year-old boy or something?

That's completely unwarranted for. The end point for hotmail is Microsoft's 
hotmail-servers, and for gmail the endpoint is Google's servers. Stop being 
so damned rabid.


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