zombied ypherpunks (Re: Email Certification?)

Tyler Durden camera_lumina at hotmail.com
Mon May 2 07:10:25 PDT 2005

>>Well, they could just tune in on Echelon, which really seems to be
>reality. There is no need for "infinite" resources to do such a thing.

Echelon ain't a radio, and not all members of TLAs have access. Indeed, you 
can be damn sure that they are very careful to NOT share a lot of the 
Echelon-culled information. And unless you're involved in some very 
interesting operations, as a mere agitant you aren't going to merit release 
of Echelon info.

HOWEVER, even if they haven't focused the big microscope on you, this 
doesn't mean you don't merit "phishing" by someone (perhaps) who's in a 
local office and has decided he doesn't like you personally. Thus, 
lower-level & not "infinitely secure" efforts might be of some use.

>Here is the fundamental misunderstanding. Your email is no "account". There 
>are no place where your account is stored. The only thing that exists is an 
>endpoint, where you receive your mail. Before the mail reaches that point, 
>its's just TCP-packets on the wire.

OK, what the heck are you talking about? You're telling me that 
hotmail/gmail is stored on my personal COMPUTER? Not even a TLA-originated 
campaign of disinformation would attempt to get that across. Are you like a 
14-year-old boy or something?

The problem with Cypherpunks is that we're way too pre-occupied with 
"infinite security" scenarios. Of course, such a subject is of vital 
importance, but there are lower levels of threat (and appropriate response) 
that need to be examined. This "well they can break almost anything so don't 
even bother unless you're the Okie City B-*-m-b-*-r or somebody, and then 
you'll need a faraday cage and colliding pulse mode-locked dye laser for 
quantum encryption" bullshit actually detracts from Cypherpunkly 
notions....it makes the use of encryption a red flag sticking out of a sea 
of unencrypted grey. And then, of course, in the off chance they can't 
actually break the message under that flag, they can merely send a guy out 
with binoculars or whatever.


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