Stash Burn?

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Mon May 2 10:34:36 PDT 2005

Hum. Well, maybe. I guess a "dual use" argument wouldn't fly.

Wait...that furnace should be able to reheat burgers also.


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>Congratulations, you just turned your vehicle into "drug paraphenalia"
>What? You claim it is Not for drugs? Tell this to the judge.
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>yes, this reminded me of another brilliant idea.
>Why don't some cars have a little tiny furnace for stash destruction?
>If you've got an on-board stash and some Alabama hillbilly with a badge
>pulls you over, you just hit the button and have you're little stashed
>incinerated. Who cares if the badge knows you USED TO have something on
>board? Too late now if any trace of evidence is gone.
>What's wrong with this idea?
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> >Subject: Secure erasing Info
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> >FYI:
> >
> >Rendering Drives Completely Unreadable Can be Difficult
> >-------------------------------------------------------
> >
> >The National Association for Information Destruction has said it cannot
> >endorse the use of wiping applications alone for ensuring that data have
> >been effectively removed from hard drives.  NAID executive director Bob
> >Johnson said the only way to ensure that the data will be unreadable is
> >to physically destroy the drives, and even that has to be done in
> >certain ways to ensure its efficacy.  Most major PC makers offer a drive
> >destruction service for $20 or $30.  Some hardware engineers say they
> >understand why the drives have been created in a way that makes it hard
> >to completely erase the data: customers demanded it because they were
> >afraid of losing information they had stored on their drives.
> >
> >[Editor's Note (Pescatore): Cool, I want a "National Association for
> >Information Destruction" tee shirt. How hard could it be to have an
> >interlock feature - you can really, really clear the drive if you open
> >the case, hold this button down while you delete?
> >
> >(Ranum): Peter Guttman, from New Zealand, did a terrific talk in 1997
> >at USENIX in which he showed electromicrographs of hard disk surfaces
> >that had been "wiped" - you could still clearly see the 1s and 0s where
> >the heads failed to line up perfectly on the track during the
> >write/erase sequence. He also pointed out that you can tell more
> >recently written data from less recently written data by the field
> >strength in the area, which would actually make it much easier to tell
> >what had been "wiped" versus what was persistent long-term store. The
> >paper, minus the cool photos may be found at:
> >
> >Hard disks, I've found, make satisfying small arms targets.]
> >
> >Here is Mac OS X software called "SPX" that uses the "Guttman" method
> >of securely deleting data off a hard disk. If you want to donate old
> >HD's this might be the best method for protecting your data that was
> >on the HD other than physically destroying the HD's.
> >
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