AP For Starvation Judge

Major Variola (ret) mv at cdc.gov
Sun Mar 27 12:43:14 PST 2005

It would be interesting socially if the vegetable in question had fried
her brain with her choice of unlicensed
pharmaceuticals, instead of her choice of self-starvation (leading to
cardiac failure, leading to
joining the vegetable kingdom).  Would Jeb be trying to adopt a
coke-stroke negro?

It would also be interesting if those who want to keep her metabolizing
had to pay for it, or do
it themselves, instead of requiring the taxpayers to absorb the cost.
Which is the real
libertarian question, once you realize no one is coercing anyone, since
the vegetable is
less sentient than the cows we eat or chimps we experiment upon.

Instead, the xians show their hand, that it is not the soul
(consciousness) they care about,
and the quality of its experience, just heartbeats.  Someone should show
them a chick's heart
beating in a petri dish.  But of course they are not deterred by
reality.  Perhaps they are
afraid that their own emptiness will be exposed if life be judged by
more than the ability to

It would be very cool karma if the Pope were to be vegetative but
indefinately prolongable
(thanks of course to the fruits of the scientific method which is the
antiPope).  One imagines
this will eventually happen.  Or are there rules to replace a useless
Pope?  Does Alexander Haig
get to be interim Pope?

In lieu of less messy and hard to arrange (thanks to fascism) processes
(eg, an overdose),
those piloting their own ships end up sucking the barrel of a .45, or
whatever caliber is convenient.  Rarely do we try to
improve the world in the process, by taking deserving others with us,
probably out of overwhelming
self-obsession at such times.  (Though the fellow who drove a tanker
into the Capitol in Sacramento comes to mind.)
At least we don't try to stop trains with our bodies (we would sit in
our SUVs on the tracks anyway),
and rarely jump off overpasses into traffic, which inconveniences many,
compared to the ballistic route.

"Get your laws off my body"

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