Gripes About Airport Security Grow Louder

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Fri Jan 28 10:59:22 PST 2005

Speaking of mistakes.... I seem to have pasted the wrong message text when
I sent my reply to Mr. Trei.  I regret the unfortunate duplication and
consequent waste of list bandwidth.


 --- "Trei, Peter" <ptrei at> wrote: 
[mistake rate]
> If, in a capital case, where the money to pay public defenders
> is usually maximally available, and the appeals process, checks,
> and cross-checks are the more thorough than in any non-capital
> prosecution, you STILL get at least a 33% error rate, then what
> is the wrongfull conviction rate in non-capital cases, where there
> are far fewer appeals, and public defenders are paid a pittance?

I couldn't say, but it is well known that people who are accused
of a crime are given rather large incentives to plead guilty in
order to avoid the lengthly trial process.  This is, of course, a
major point.  However, there isn't much discussion about the 
lack of accountability for people (police, judicial officials,
etc.) who themselves run afoul of "the law" and who are rarely
punished at all.  And of course there's the lucrative prison
system with it's large union and bureaucracy.  Plus, many people
know about the recruiting facet of that industry in which some
individuals are groomed and incentivised to become agents of 
the state, in one capacity or another, in exchange for freedom
or lesser sentences.

Insofar as the intel community is concerned, it seems from my
perspective that there is no effective deterrent for violent
crime since you've pretty much got to do something really 
stupid before they'll prosecute: like cut off your wife's head
and store it in your freezer, or something equally gregarious.
For people in SpookWorld, fraud, larceny, perjury, and murder 
are merely the tools of the trade.

And don't get me started on about the cartels.



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