Gripes About Airport Security Grow Louder

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Tue Jan 25 09:12:36 PST 2005

 --- Tyler Durden <camera_lumina at> wrote: 
[airport security]
> More indications of an emerging 'Brazil' scenario, as opposed to a 
> hyper-intelligent super-fascist state.

As if.

There already is a kind of intelligent super-fascist state in place
thoughout much of society.  My bugbears of the moment are the police and
courts, so you get my take on how they are organised so as to be
'intelligent' without seeming so -- which further enables a whole lot of
fraud to masqerade as process and incompetence.  The super-fascist part
comes about because the system avoids public accountability while also
somehow evading any sort of reasonable standard of performance.

What's the error rate, that is the false arrest, prosecution, and/or
conviction rate of a Western countries' judiciary and police divitions? 
If it's even ten percent, and it's probably much higher, then there is no
reason to respect the operation and perpetuation of the system.   And
consider how the courts deal with error.  After all is said and done, the
victim is expected to launch appeals at his own expense to force the
system to take official notice of judicial "error".  We know how dilligent
the police are at bringing creativity to their investigations and arrests.
 Countless examples abound of fraud and abuse of processs.

And the population at large carries on as if it doesn't matter.  

Well in my not so humble fucking opinion, if police and judicial officials
in Canada (or the US, or wherever) wish to acquire respect and lend the
appearance of legitimacy to their operations, then they should bloody well
bring some transparent accountability to their operations and more, should
take exacting pains to ensure that they conduct their affairs so as to put
their integrety beyond question for anyone who examines their fucking
books.  And when they *do* err, they should fucking well bend over
backwards to correct their god damn mistakes.  AND when they catch one of
their own abusing his or her position of authority that fucker should be
PILLORIED for the least offense.

But no, this does not and will not occur because the police and courts
have had decades of self-selection in their recruiting processes, and
decades of deirected evolution applied to their internal culture and
processes.  It is considered more proper to rule by fear, than to consider
that wageing a de facto war on the civilian population as being even
slightly wrong.

Since it is considered *normal* for their to be a high error rate, it is
only natural for the intelligent special interest groups within the
government to exploit the lax standards to crushing competing groups and
individuals who might pose a latent threat to the extant corrupt culture. 
And then there are those nasty writers who won't wedge their ideology into
the narrow confines of mass consumer culture, and well there's all sorts
of legal ways to deal with *that* kind of trouble-maker.  And so on. 
Petty little tyrants have all sorts of latitude for abuse, but so do real
villans  like the ones directing your military contractors.

State of the art in pulling the strings of government is to view (at
different levels, and different levels of abstraction) departments and
ministries as black boxes with adjustable inputs.  Some "inputs" are more
adjustable than others, of course, and there are levels of access to the
"inputs", but the approach is sound.  I suppose it might take a
well-placed CIA agent to subtly adjust CPIC records to suit an RCMP
officer's relative's influence peddling, but the nice thing about
reciprocal arrangements is that they may be negotiated and traded by
fascist and highly placed warmongers.

And we don't care because most people are brainwashed into blindly
accepting the norm of incompetent ineffiency in all official matters. 
Indeed, for many it's a game that is only slightly more real than arcade
shoot'em-ups but much more sophisticated.

Of course no individual is at all required to respect such unnecessary
corruption, and I certainly do not.  (Why would I, considering the
marauding warmongers who have been entirely subverting my ambitions and
interests for years, simply because they like the challenge.)

And in continuing with the outing, I predict that God was named John by
his parents, and has official carte blanche to fuck up the lives of
Canadian citizens given to him by his pet dogs in the Canadian government.

Gutless weasels.



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