Chatter Punks

John Young jya at
Thu Feb 24 12:25:10 PST 2005

Maybe it's been mentioned here but the book, "Chatter: Dispatches
from the Secret World of Global Eavesdropping," by Patrick Radden
Keefe mentions cypherpunks and a slew of people who've been around
here, or discussed, cited, admired, attacked and hated here. 

Crypto is featured, along with the TLAs, the fools who run them, the 
lackies who suck their tits, the congress critters who give them a free 
pass no matter what fuck-ups damage the US and the unwary targets 
of spooks, 9/11 only one of many.

It's a "lively read," and a lot of its smooth-narrative content won't be 
new to avid readers of disputatious, thankfully ungrammatically 
cpunks, but it does get the slick word out to the public in an easy 
to swallow fashion. 

For us jacket addicts, there are favorable blurbs by David Kahn and 
Seymour Hersh.

Keefe calls John Gilmore, Duncan Campbell, and other uninstitutionalized
insurgents outcasts, but IEDs are where it's at, right? 

He also claims the NSA is a pitiful giant, protected against
change by ever increasing secrecy blessed by congress and
the administration, and that most of its new hires are security 
guards to protect against knowing what's inside, not the 
personnel truly needed.

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