Airport insanity

Steve Thompson steve49152 at
Sat Oct 16 12:36:25 PDT 2004

 --- John Young <jya at> wrote: 
> Most of the Boston Red Sox team look as if they have
> just
> come from a terrorist training camp for blind,
> handless barbers, 
> decked-out in ill-fitting sports gear, staring
> wild-eyed at 
> RPGs being fired at their heads and nuts, swinging
> clubs futilely 
> at the inerrant missiles, their ass-wipe paws
> swollen into giant 
> shit-covered patties, muttering homicidal jihads
> against devil-bred 
> yankees.

Our Maple Leafs' hockey team might look similarly if
it weren't for the lockout.  As it is, all of our
players are well-fed and well-rested (if a little
restless, ha ha ha).  I imagine they have no trouble
whatsoever convincing airport security of their
benignity when they flit about on their vactions.

We might as well face it.  Whether one is designated
as  resembling a terrorist or not, according to
security screeners, is really a matter of random
happenstance in many cases.  Did you purchase a 12ga
Remington Defender  sometime in the last twenty years?
 No?  Well then please step onboard.  Yes?  Oh, well
you're going to have to wait while we send your thong
to the lab for analysis, Mr. Alleged, just to check
for accelerant or explosives residue.

Net result?  Just one more obstacle on the highway of
life.  Ho hum.



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