Why there is no anonymous e-cash

Steve Schear s.schear at comcast.net
Mon Jul 19 12:52:15 PDT 2004

At 08:41 AM 7/19/2004, James A. Donald wrote:

>As I predicted, transactions are increasingly going on line.
>And as Hettinga predicted, the more anonymous and irreversible the
>transaction service, the cheaper and more convenient its services.
>All happening as predicted.
>So why don't we have anonymous chaumian cash by now?
>Because, the more anonymous and irreversible its services, the more
>fraudsters use it to convert other people's bank accounts, obtained
>by phishing, into usable money.

Only if you ignore soft/hard money issues and your internal fraud controls 
are not up to par.

>Why don't we have anonymous e-cash? - because IE and outlook express
>are full of massive security holes, and because people are idiots.

Or e-currency vendors don't use effective anti-phishing and key logger 
measures.  They do seem to exist.


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