US Seeks Bobby Fischer Extradition

Major Variola (ret) mv at
Fri Jul 16 17:34:07 PDT 2004

At 10:30 AM 7/16/04 -0700, Eric Cordian wrote:
>So it should be interesting to see how this case unfolds, in a country
where Martha
>Stewart can go to prison for lying, but Colin Powell can't.

Colin was/is played the fool.  He was a killer, wanted to be a diplomat.

They had to let him; but he's so out of the Real Loop is comedic.

thanks for the news re BF.

Supposedly my ancestors go back to Abraham, but you've largely
convinced me to get over the default amerikan zionism.  The germans
should have given
up a slice of the coast of the Med., price of war, a lot nicer than some

desert, fuck the books.   Really the UK's fault, but the progression is
Romans, Brits, then US.

But empire == death, <insert Bob Dylan (perhaps cover)> song here,
how many whatevers, fuck it, if it moves, bomb it, if you're not
with us you're up the chimneys.

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