US Seeks Bobby Fischer Extradition

Eric Cordian emc at
Fri Jul 16 10:30:20 PDT 2004

Now that AmeriKKKa has successfully invaded the sovereign nation of Iraq in
violation of international law, tortured with impunity, and mocked the rest of the
world with its arrogance, what will it do for an encore?

Settle old political scores, of course.

So it comes as no surprise that the US has had former world chess champion Bobby
FIscher arrested in Japan, and is seeking his extradition to the United States.

Seems in 1992, Mr. Fischer played in the world chess championship in Yugoslavia
which was under UN sanctions prohibiting people from engaging in a "business
enterprise" there.  The US, which has a long history of creatively interpreting UN
resolutions to suit its own ends, decided unilaterally that this prohibition applied
to sporting events, a view held by no other nation in the world.

After Fischer won the match, a federal grand jury indicted him, and he was magically
transformed from world chess champion into a fugutive facing 10 years in prison and
a $250,000 fine.

Unable to protect his business and personal interests in the United States as a
fugitive, his belongings in the US were stolen, and his chess books were freely
reproduced in violation of his copyright, depriving him of the rightful income from
his intellectual property.

Another reason Mr. Fischer's life was magically transformed to shit.  He's openly
critical, as any sane person would be, of Israel and the Jews.  And as we know, you
can't do that and be a public figure in AmeriKKKa without being attacked, although
to even suggest that this is the case instantly gets one accused of "hate speech."

So it should be interesting to see how this case unfolds, in a country where Martha 
Stewart can go to prison for lying, but Colin Powell can't.

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