Final stage

Major Variola (ret) mv at
Wed Jul 7 21:28:47 PDT 2004

At 03:26 PM 7/7/04 -0400, Sunder wrote:
>Here we go again.  Get ready for more FUD from the LEO's, I can see Fox

>news now.

Perhaps, but some will tune in and learn a thing or two.
(Albeit we'll suffer the "September" effect...)


This one is for Eunice Stone, who "turned in" 3 medical
students last year for looking muslim:

I suggest learning to graffiti arabic in public places.

Perhaps one of those hotel bibles containing the lord's prayer
in all the cool fonts will suffice.  (I use the Job chapter for rolling
cigs.).  Or copy something from an arabic web site.   Hell, even
hebrew would work with most yokels piggies or paranoid citizen-slaves.

Or use ammonium fluoride pens on glass for a frosty effect.

>Bah, some feeb had too one too many Crappachino's with lunch today and
>pulled a Cornholio.... :(


I need the Bill of Rights for Ashcrufts bunghole..

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