GPS Goes to Court

John Young jya at
Mon Feb 16 15:04:19 PST 2004

So when does illegal-GPS-bit Jim Bell get out of the pokey 
and a public apology from the DEA (who planted it), IRS (who
asked for it), Treasury (who wanted to nail a tax-dissident)
US Attorney (who wanted a law partnership), Judge Tanner
(who is blind to justice), US News and World Report (who 
needed raw feed), Jessica Stern (who needed a crucifixion), 
and Justice Scalia (who needed a ride-bribe)?

No doubt there will be a specious argument that Washington
State courts don't trump federal, so it will take the ACLU
another 100 years to come to Jim's defense -- he's so 
un-fund-raisable pre-911, so politically indigestible.

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