JYA's 1st FBI visit?

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Sun Aug 29 07:20:14 PDT 2004

The FBI has been set up next door since 1997. Their sole 
visit was due to stakeouts ringing the wrong door bell.

The bastards bang on the wall when it's too quiet in here.
Hey, they yell, "baby needs new shoes" -- the signal
for us to punch F8 -- pre-recorded for the day's EOS.

Wouldn't you play the FBI Terrorist Task Force's contracted 
EOS for $200K a year? This long-running Broadway hit got 
started with the Commies, whose babies needed on-the-dole
shoes, too. 

No threat to the State, no need for the octupus. No police
state, no need for anarchists. Lots of happy faces in NYC

We photo'd a group of five "undercover" agents yesterday at 
one of the lift-gates at Madison Square Garden. Got their 
attention with the facial-recognition databanking, they not 
being sure we weren't with internal affairs, so they squint-eyed 
for the mug shots, the game tape assessment. We kept it up 
for ten minutes, me freely circling their station, them behind 
the barricades like penned protestors baiting the oppressors.

Another photographer tried doing that and got busted by
other officers ready to pounce. I got the orchestrated bust,
pre-planned for TV, for DoJ's surveilling crew taping
NYC internal affairs surveilling cops, cops surveilling
thousands passing by indifferently.

The feds seem to think NYC cops will betray the State
for a salary boost, the people betray the police for a
and end to taxation. Cops got in bed with the Commies, 
why not with thank-god-for-EOS GOP?

Sorry, repeat the question.

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