Wired on Navy's new version of Onion Routing

Major Variola (ret) mv at cdc.gov
Sun Aug 8 11:40:38 PDT 2004

At 04:58 AM 8/6/04 -0700, Sarad AV wrote:
>Since they are using symmetric keys, for a network of
>'n' nodes, each node  need to know the secret key that
>they share with the remaining (n-1) nodes.Total number
>of symmetric keys that need to be distributed is
>[n*(n-1)]/2. Key management is harder when they
>network gets larger.

That's not the problem ---if your node freely gives out its
public key, no problem collecting them.

The real problem is: how do you know its truly a given
node's key?  The web of trust is full of holes :-), trust
isn't transitive, and Verislime is 1. not liable 2. 0wn3d by
the Fedz.

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