Al-Q targeting NY corporations?

John Young jya at
Tue Aug 3 09:20:46 PDT 2004

Indeed, this is the way of US founding fathers, as with today's 
corporations and citizenry enjoying global predation.

Rebellion against authority using its tools and resources is the 
only rebellion that works. And the only one feared by authorities,
knowing at they do from their own practice, stealing the money
from where it is, is banking 101, Dillinger a pennyante banker
like Osama.

Now, if you were enjoying your stolen wealth wouldn't you
demonize and kill those who tried to do the same?

Machiavelli, ur bandit apologist, studied avidly at .mil academies
and ever more war think tanks.


At 08:25 AM 8/3/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>> Read the Fatwa.  Best summarized by a line from a 'Floyd song,
>> get your filthy hands off my desert.
>Heh.  So they can go back to being goatherders?  trust-fund osama
>complaining about the evil west while taking its money is rich irony.

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