Partition Encryptor

Peter Gutmann pgut001 at
Mon Nov 17 03:51:52 PST 2003

"Stirling Westrup" <sti at> writes:

>Does anyone know of a good partition encryptor for Windows? I know of an
>accountant who would like to encrypt her client's financial data. She's stuck
>with Windows until such time as a major company starts shipping yearly tax
>software for linux.
>Something like PGPdisk, only open source, would be best.

ScramDisk (Win9x) or E4M (Win2K) will do it if she can handle a container-
volume encryptor rather than a partition encryptor, both are open source.  E4M
needs some minor updates for XP by someone who knows about NT device drivers,
otherwise you'll occasionally get problems unmounting volumes.


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