Partition Encryptor

Dave Howe DaveHowe at
Mon Nov 17 04:43:43 PST 2003

Sunder wrote:
> Which only works on win9x, and no freeware updates exist for
> Win2k/XP/NT. i.e. worthless...
There was a payware (but disclosed source) update for NT/2K, and of course
E4M (on which the NT driver for scramdisk was based) was always NT
compatable and very similar to Scramdisk. I don't think either works on XP
though (and of course DriveCrypt by the authors of both scramdisk and E4M
is both closed source and product activation - a dark path to walk)
E4M can still be downloaded from

IIRC E4M could also mount existing scramdisks, but had trouble dismounting
them cleanly on W2K.

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