Rogue Vally Cypherpunks Physical Meeting Mar 13

Major Variola (ret) mv at
Tue Mar 4 10:20:36 PST 2003

At 08:55 AM 3/4/03 -0800, cypherpunk-vin at wrote:
>What are Cypherpunks?     A group of thinkers, programmers and
>researchers dedicated to preserve everyone's  freedom of speech
>through action.
>        * believers in crypto-anarchy,
>         * leaning towards libertarianism,
>         * most importantly, cypherpunks write code!

To pick a nit, and clarify something for lurkers, feds, reporters, grand
and the like: IMHO "believers in crypto anarchy" sounds like a religion.

The phrase even parses ambiguously, which may
be a feature to the already clued but isn't to those trying to suss you
I'm not a "believer" but an observer and analyzer.  And BTW I don't like
all the effects
of crypto tech but I have been forced to recognize and consider some of
them on this list.

"Students of cryptos effect on society" might work.  I'm not sure how
to fit "anarchy" into there without starting to sound like a rant.
might even be too specific as things like interception technology and
commerce-systems are also of interest.

"Students of crypto's anarchy-tending effect.."?  But when some tech
is convincingly shown to be anarchy-minimizing or fascist-promoting,
I think the rational CP does not lose interest.  Drop the "anarchy";
"effects on society" should be enough.

Just my $.02.  Its your shindig.

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