CAPSII protest...

Michael Motyka mjm at
Tue Mar 4 12:12:42 PST 2003

Yes Tyler, there is something nasty you can do that will not get you
nabbed. It requires the following equipment :

 airline ticket ( aisle seat )
 large pizza with the works
 quart of yogurt
 one dozen raw oysters
 one package of M&Ms
 ipecac syrup ( or a wafer-thin mint )

Just imagine the effect if almost every flight had one (:or more:)
passengers barfing buckets of primordial goo soon after takeoff.
Works just as well for trains and buses. It requires massive 
participation and a large, but not necessarily strong, stomach. I think it 
expresses quite well how recent events affect us all.

This may be a new form of civil disobedience. I hereby place it in the 
public domain for the benfit of all mankind.

I wonder if there's a lab test for ipecac?



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